The United Nations Name Costa Rica has Champion of the Planet for his stance against Climate Change

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The United Nations named Costa Rica has champion of planet earth. For its behaviour and efforts to fight climate change and pollution. This recognition is the highest award give by the United Nations in climate and ecology regards. And it is the first time that is given to an entire country.

The category five is called “Political Leadership” and is a recognition for the detail planification, behaviour and politics implemented. That aim to procure a Carbon Neutral country for 2050. This behaviour follow the guidelines of the Paris Accord of 2016.

“Costa Rica has been a pioneer in the protection of peace and nature. A clear example for the region and the world. Climate Change demands a urgent transformation on behalf of every person. And with its ambitious plans towards decarbonization of the economy, Costa Rica is up to the challenge.”

Inger Andersen. Executive Director of the UN program for the Enviorment.

This 23th of September in New York the UN will celebrate a summit about the urgency to fight a climate change. The general commissioner is asking political leader and business people to take part of the summit. And reduce emissions in 45% for the next 10 years.

The award will be deliver to the current President of Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado the 26th of September.

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