The Temple of Music turns 100 years old. Who was its architect?

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Francisco Salazar Quesada (San José, 1892-1968) studied architecture at the Santa Clara University of California, United States and, in addition, he devoted himself to music, painting and teaching at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Costa Rica. He was the creator of an outstanding urban architectural work and health buildings throughout the country. His architectural art transcended national borders, as he was the winner of several competitions in Central America.

He built, among other works and in addition to the Temple of Music; the Union Club of San José (1924), the Parish Church of San Ramón (1924) and the Reformatorio de Mujeres in Guadalupe today, the Municipal Palace of Goicoechea. In the company of the painter and architect Teodorico Quirós, she designed the Basilica of Santo Domingo de Heredia (1924) with Hispanic colonial and neo-baroque influences.

As part of his works are attributed to him: the design of the plan of the San Luis Gonzaga school in Cartago, the construction of the Alajuela market, the building of the Faculty of Law, the Rectory and the Aula Magna and, finally, the station in Avenue 22 for the Electric Railroad to the Pacific, according to information from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Costa Rica.


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