The Paradise app has been verified by Google Play as a reliable news source. Official Facebook verification on the way.

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The 2020 efforts are finally starting to pay off, in addition to the approval and publication of our app in the Google store. We are pleased to announce that our mobile application has been directly verified by Google Play Protect and Google Publisher. This gives the security to our clients, readers and anyone who uses our app that the information obtained in Paradise Products Costa Rica is serious, truthful and reliable information.

This is an especially important milestone as it significantly improves our ability to appear in rich search results, increases our potential to be referenced as a trusted source of information, and will undoubtedly increase the number of times we will appear in options like Google Discover.

Since 2020 and due to the pandemic we decided to turn our Blog now also a news section into a reliable source of information for hundreds of Internet users inside and outside of Costa Rica who will seek to inform themselves effectively and safely about the situation in the country. In times of tabloid, false and manipulative news, being a reliable means of communication and verified by the largest information sites on the planet adds security and confidence to our work.

Paradise is committed to transparency, clear information and communicating the sources of origin of the information and data that we share. Despite this milestone, we are not and do not consider ourselves a newspaper. Our Blog and news section will not cover accidents, crimes, murders or similar events on a regular basis. In the first place, we consider it unfair to profit from the pain of others and we know that there are already other media outlets that are dedicated to covering this type of event. We will also try as much as possible not to cover political events, especially news in development, as our company does not fly any political flag or particular ideology.

Our news is and will be related to events, history, activities, useful information and related to the events of Costa Rica.

Our commitment is and will be to inform and never try to manipulate the opinion of our readers. Those interested in contacting us to get our coverage, request a correction, add information or request a right to reply may do so at the address

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