The pandemic out of control in Nicaragua becomes the main threat to the health of Costa Rica

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The carefree and denial-of-science attitude of the Nicaraguan government that to date has cost the lives of an as yet impossible to define number of its citizens and has enabled the country to reach phase 4 of the pandemic according to the WHO, phase in those that the virus becomes endemic and very difficult to fight without imposing draconian measures or severe quarantines. It becomes the main threat to the health of the citizens and inhabitants of Costa Rica and Central America.

The Communist-style Ortega Murillo government, an ally of countries such as Venezuela, Iran and China, also seems to share the secrecy and repression of citizen and press liberties of the former. It has displayed a criminal attitude when it comes to protecting its own citizens. While clandestine videos circulate on social networks where sealed coffins are seen, being buried in the night hours and under a strong military and police presence.

In the midst of the pandemic by Covid 19. The Ortega Murillo regime has been actively engaged in calling for mass meetings, encouraging tourism (in itself non-existent due to the lack of air traffic) and repressing any reporting and scientific data regarding the progress of the pandemic in Nicaragua. Meanwhile, Costa Rica has managed to tame the viral curve and identify the virus outbreaks and nuclei with great accuracy. All without the need to impose at any time a mandatory or generalized quarantine.

On May 27, the Minister of Health of Costa Rica, Daniel Salas, emphasized that at the current moment of the epidemiological curve in Costa Rica, the main risk for the health stability of Costa Rica is the government of neighboring Nicaragua.

“Our main health risk at this time is the high level of virus circulation that exists in the neighboring country of Nicaragua,” said Minister Salas.

“It is the main risk that we have and we have to be very diligent because we have to take care of ourselves and take care of all the activity that is done in our society and follow the protocols,” he added.

“There is already sustained transmission and that cannot be easily reversed. When there is already sustained transmission, traceability is lost, the ability to take direct action on the virus is lost. ”Salas confirmed to queries from this editor.

Later, Minister Michael Soto expanded with statistical data the efforts made by the Ministry of Security to reduce the number of illegal crossings into Costa Rica. Averaging over 200 cases per day for a total of over 13,000 with the vast majority of these occurring on the northern border.

Unfortunately, the Ortega Murillo regime seems to want to turn the inhabitants of Nicaragua into a biological danger for the region. Meanwhile, the regime closed the way for cargo trucks on the border with Costa Rica, demanding that Costa Rica not carry out tests on the carriers. Meanwhile, more than 50 carriers, most of them at the northern border, have tested positive for Coronavirus, and Nicaragua has denied re-entry to several of these because they are not Nicaraguan nationals. It is known of a case of a carrier that entered the country responsible for the infection of at least 18 people on Costa Rican soil.

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