The Orotina Market is being restored

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A simple, but particular wooden building, built between 1912 and 1915, is in the process of major surgery. It is mainly a matter of replacing many parts damaged by termites and humidity; as well as to replace those elements that over time were mutilated.

It is about the Orotina Municipal Market, which received its recognition as a historical-architectural heritage in 2002, through executive decree No. 30367-C. This declaration precisely recognizes the particularity of its construction system in wood, its antiquity and its design of Anglo-Caribbean influence, among its most special characteristics.

The restoration works began in March 2020 and are currently 80% complete. The cost of this intervention amounts to ¢ 150 million colones, coming from the budget of the Cultural Heritage Center, since this was the winning project of the contest “Let’s Save Our Historical-Architectural Heritage”, 2018 edition. The Cultural Heritage Center is a program of the Ministry of Culture and Youth

“We are intervening the building with a high level of protection; this is due to its construction techniques that preserve traditional values ​​of the referent typology of early 20th century wooden architecture ”, stated Óscar Salas, architect of the Cultural Heritage Center in charge of supervising the execution of the works.

At the conclusion of this delicate surgery in October, the old building will look, not only rejuvenated, but also safer, more comfortable and more integrated with the environment around it. To this end, in 2019 the municipality of the canton made improvements in the squares where the market is located, while the perimeter eaves, which are under construction, will contribute to integrate both spaces, while providing users with greater protection against rain .

According to Salas, during these months of intervention in the building, an agreement was reached with the tenants of the market and with the municipality to keep it open until 2 p.m. This will be maintained during September 2020, while the works are completed.

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