The new metropolitan trains are expected this in time despite the pandemic.

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The Costa Rican Railways Institute (INCOFER) announced on Wednesday that the CRRC Sifang Co factory concluded the bodywork phase of the first batch of the 8 new trains, after the company resumed its normal operation after the COVID-19 emergency.

This information has been compiled by INCOFER through weekly monitoring of the train manufacturing process carried out through video calls.

The reincorporation of the workers to the factories has allowed progress in the construction of the trains, which already have the bodywork built, the floors installed, and work is being done on the placement of the interior and wiring components. With this, the commitment that the first two units are in the country in September of this year is maintained.

The manufacturing stage of the engine and transmission components is carried out at the German factories MAN and VOITH.

These trains will have the latest Euro IIIB technology in their engines, which reduces polluting emissions by up to 90% than previous technologies.

After commenting that the manufacturing of the trains is very advanced, the Executive President of INCOFER, Elizabeth Briceño Jiménez, reported that “the CRRC Sifang Co. company will be making a 3% discount on the amount corresponding to spare parts, so that the INCOFER can increase the quantity of supplies ”.

The 8 new trains will have a capacity of 372 passengers per train, that is to say more than double the current one, with a length of 38 m, air conditioning, preferential seats and space for two wheelchairs per unit. Also, a passenger information system that includes information display through LED screens and audible warnings, polycarbonate and glass double windows for greater impact resistance.

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