The National Museum has 13 workshops ready for the holidays at the beginning of the year.

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For this beginning of the year, the National Museum of Costa Rica (MNCR) offers you 13 vacation workshops, which combine the virtual or face-to-face modality, at its headquarters, the old Bellavista Barracks. The holiday workshops will start on Monday, January 11 and run until Friday, January 22 of the same month.

In its virtual modality, the workshops will be scheduled on the National Museum’s Facebook platform, the YouTube channel and the website, where the public will also be able to find in advance the list of materials and molds that they will need to print.

The face-to-face workshops will be held in the gardens of the MNCR and will be subject to strict capacity control and sanitary measures. In order to carry out this control, it will be necessary to pre-register by email:

How can I register for the face-to-face mode?

-Registration will be received between January 4 and 7, 2021 and attendance will be confirmed from January 8. The first people to send an application for registration will be taken into account, in strict adherence to the capacity allowed per workshop.

-A maximum of two people will be registered by email.

-The full name and age of the person registering must be included; also, contact telephone number.

-It will be prioritized to take the workshop to minors in the range established for the activity.

-Only one companion will be allowed for every two minors.

-The accompanying adult will not be able to participate in the workshop.

-You must present yourself at least 15 minutes before the workshop starts. 10 minutes after the start, no participants will be received.

-Only registered and previously confirmed people can participate.

-All people must wear the mask correctly placed throughout the workshop.

How can I participate in the virtual modality?

-All people who wish can participate from home.
-The list of materials and molds needed for the workshops can be found on the page


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