The Functions of the Old Buenavista Barracks. Today National Museum

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According to Christian Kandler’s study, the Bellavista Barracks was the place of military training for the recruits, who were intended to be trained in tactics, handling of weapons, discipline and moral principles. It also functioned as a warehouse for the army’s weapons.

The building had a distribution where the main space was occupied by the troops’ bedrooms in the east wing (current archeology exhibition). To the south there were three levels; the upper one where the sergeants’ bedrooms were; the middle level to which the cells, bathrooms, toilets and soda were descended by steps, as well as at the entrance to one of the tunnels. Lastly, the lower level was the kitchen. In the central courtyard of the building there was an iron where military exercises were carried out and to the north there was a garden and a sink for washing clothes.

To the west were the main offices such as the Comandancia, as well as the officers’ dormitories and apparently the tailor’s shop. Later, in the north wing, there were the warehouses of weapons for daily use and on the corner, at the end of the 1920s, the houses that became the First and Second Commander were incorporated into the Barracks complex.

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