The exhibition will be open from 19 September to 02 November in Room 1.1 of the MADC.

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The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC), located in the National Center of Culture (Cenac), opens to the public two new exhibitions this Thursday 19 September. The first is by the artist Jonathan Torres, and is presented in El Tanque, under the name “Studios to Emulate the Agony of Agony”; while Room 1.1, will house the exhibition “Bajo suspicione ś”, by the Guatemalan artist Inés Verdugo.

The opening ceremony, for both exhibitions, is this Thursday 19 September, at 7 p.m., at MADC facilities. The event will feature artists Jonathan Torres and Inés Verdugo, as well as Verónica Zúñiga, director of the MADC. The MADC opens to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4:50 p.m. Below is the details of the samples.

The Tank Transition Laboratory Between Life and Death

Throughout history, human beings have dedicated themselves to inventing, constructing and producing artifacts, which improve their quality of life, but at the same time generate large industrial cemeteries all over the planet. From this, the Costa Rican artist Jonathan Torres, invites to reflect on the cycle of technological waste in the process experiment [Studies to emulate the agony[, which will be open until 23 November at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC).

Torres arrives at El Tanque del MADC, a perfect space to host this experiment that emulates the cycle of artificial beings whose only outcome is their disappearance. The use of fragile materials along with complex montages in non-traditional spaces, make the viewer a co-creator, co-destroyer, triggering games where interaction is crucial, explained the artist.

The curator of the show, Daniel Soto, explained that, throughout several stages, he builds ephemeral habitats that highlight the life and natural death cycle of these new faunas. In doing so, he questions our inability to create without destroying or, at least, without leaving a harmful imprint upon it.

Jonathan Torres was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1978. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts with an emphasis on Sculpture from the University of Costa Rica (UCR), where he currently holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts. In addition, he teaches design and use of alternative materials in art in the same center.

He has made several exhibitions, both individual and collective. His work, often under the pseudonym PLAGA, has flooded several Josefin spaces with criticism of the discourses of power, referring to the diffuse border between life and death, the public and the private.This exhibition seeks a reflection on a future society friendly ecological, with products that are reintegrated into the system when they expire. If not, we ourselves will be the ones who die, slowly, until we die, concluded the curator of the exhibition.

En Sospecha, Inés Verdugo

Under suspicion, a hair tug marked the beginning of a nightmare experienced by a woman inside her own home. Five guys with tacks, ties and loafers came into his house carrying firearms to raid his home. With this text begins the story of [Bajo Sospecha, exhibition by the Guatemalan artist Inés Verdugo. and Inés Verdugo

The curator of the show, Daniel Soto, details that Due to a violent personal experience, the artist betrays her obsession for justice; to find a culprit to pay off the affront. Notebook in hand, he chases potential suspects, observes, analyzes, records numbers, hours; moves from zone and, once again, repeats the cycle of the “a”.

According to the MADC, the artist converts the event into an installation. The text uses it as a literary guide, while some engravings show what was observed. “In the form of a police novel, a story is narrated and how it reverberates in the human psyche between obsession and neurosis, between the real and the imaginary”, the artist commented.

The exhibition will be open from 19 September to 02 November in Room 1.1 of the MADC.

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