The Calypso will take the National Theater

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“Calypso stay alive” it’s the name of the musical spectacle perform by Kawe Calypso and Banda Semba Preta. As part of the program “Teatro al medio día” of the National Theatre of Costa Rica.

“In 2019, the Calypso is of party mode. The Maestro Walter Ferguson, known as the father of the Calypso. Is 100 years old. And we have the mission to keep the Calypso alive. And this is what this show aims to. To bring the music to the capital. Said Danny Williams of Kawe Calypso.

The show “Calypso Stay Alive” will be shown the Tuesday 9th of July at 12:10om. In the Principal stage of the National Theater.

The Calypso is an ancestral sing that has to be performed with passion, feelings and pride. Been this a genre develop by our ancestors. Worth of conserving, protecting and made it famous. For the youth to discover and keep alive” Said Danny Williams

In the show the veterans of Kawe Calypso will joinf forces with the youngsters of Semba Preta. Performing original songs as Pandemia, Buda Band, Carnaval Day. Rumba, Kawe Band, Cho-Cho, Segundo and the King.

Kawe Calypso its a group from in Cahuita. Since 2000, composed of Danny Williams director, voice, chorus and Conga. Alfonso Goulbourne, In the bass, Quijongo and Chorus and Otilio Brown in the Guitar, Chorus and Banjo.

To purchase your tickets you can visit the National Theater or callint at 2010-1110 and or visiting the website. . General tickets have a cost of ¢3.390 colones. Students and elder people ¢1.695 colones.


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