The Beetles of May

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Every place has seasonal animals. And while Costa Rica received animal visitors pretty much all year long. Escaping from the winter and migrating North to South and vice versa. There is one little fellow that takes the crown. For appearing every year during the same month.

This beetles that belong to the Coleopter order. Actually are a selection of 70 different species of beetles that appear every year. During May with the return of the rains. The beetles are harmless but had a reputation of been pretty annoying.

As the cicadas this beetles have a developing cycle of one year. The beetles can be found stumbiling in the streets and entering houses. Specially flying around sources of lights and light bulbs.

The sizes of this insects could vary from 8mm to up to 40mm long. Usually brown in color. Predominantly nocturnal the beetles use the night to feed and finding mate.

Resultado de imagen para abejon de mayo

The larva enter their developing cycle around November. When they buried themselves and start their metamorphosis. Waiting until the rains of the new year.

This month if you encounter any of this beetles do not be afraid they could be annoying but harmless. Show them the way out and say goodbye to them until next year.

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