The balance falls on the wrong side, opening measures could be jeopardized by an increase in cases.

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The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas reported that today 21 new cases are accounted for by COVID-19, reaching a total of 951 cases.

The hierarch indicated that, although the increase should make us react as a society, he clarified that from the Ministry of Health each case and its whole is analyzed in detail in order to make the most indicated epidemiological decisions.

In this line, he explained that the provisions on the opening of shops and services are based on a detailed analysis of the origin of each contagion, for example, if they were already classified as a suspicious case, if they belong to a previously identified cluster, if they are indigenous or imported cases. and the occupation of beds in intensive care, among others.

“From our surveillance team what we are looking for is to break down the data, making a qualitative analysis of the daily figure that allows us to measure the risks of contagion. For example, today we have 21 new cases, however 15 of these were positive contact and had a current sanitary isolation order, ”said the Minister.

Salas pointed out that the opening dates are not guaranteed, reiterating that the proposed schedule depends on the evolution of infections and said evolution depends directly on citizen behavior.

“We cannot relax, there is an unavoidable individual responsibility in the positive or negative evolution of this emergency, we have two minors in rural areas infected because a family member decided to leave the metropolitan area to visit them. As a family, love today is expressed from afar ”, the rector of Health emphasized forcefully.

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