The Angostura will be extended with a comprehensive design within twelve months.

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This Monday, the Law for the Expansion and Rehabilitation of the RN17, Angostura section, approved by the Legislative Assembly, was signed. The works are to be executed within twelve months from the start of the works.

Además,  se dieron a conocer las mejoras en los diseños del proyecto con un concepto integral para la intervención de ese tramo de ingreso a la ciudad de Puntarenas, que no solo permitirá el descongestionamiento del tránsito sino que mejorará la calidad de vida de los habitantes y contruibirá con la reactivación económica y turística del puerto.

The new design contemplates, apart from the widening of the road in that section of La Angostura from two to four lanes, the integration of a promenade, panoramic seafront, bicycle lanes and pavements next to the beach, among other aspects.

This Monday, the improvements in the designs were announced and the specific law was signed that will widen this stretch of road within a year, starting from the beginning of the works.

In the activity held at the Presidential House, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Rodolfo Méndez Mata, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Tomás Figueroa, as well as the Puntarenas Congressman Carlos Ricardo Benavides and the Mayor Wilberth Madriz were present.

This project, which runs from Chacarita to the Yacht Club, for a total of 2.9 kms, was a commitment made by both President Alvarado and Minister Méndez Mata to the people of Puntarenas in mid-2018.

The investment is $6,613,550.48, within the framework of the Transport Infrastructure Programme (PIT), financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Comprehensive design. The presentation of the new design was given by the Vice-Minister of Infrastructure, Tomás Figueroa, who detailed the series of modifications that were made to the design.

In this way, this section of road that allows the entrance and exit to the central canton of Puntarenas, will not only have 4 lanes of traffic, two in each direction, but also conditions that will enhance tourism in this place, such as the integration of a promenade, paronamic shoulders, bicycle lanes and pavements next to the beach.

In this regard, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Rodolfo Méndez Mata, highlighted the efforts made by the Ministry and in coordination with Casa Presidencial, to have an integral project that contemplates all road actors, respects the ecosystem of the area and provides a solution for years to the residents of the central canton, who have seen their travel times affected, in the morning and afternoon rush hours, when they go to their tasks; be it study, work, medical appointments, among others.

“We can say with absolute certainty that we are just a few days away from starting this project that I personally undertook during my visit to Puntarenas in mid-2018. Thanks to the efforts of Don Rodolfo, Don Tomás, and the entire MOPT, we will have not just the simple expansion of a road, but a comprehensive project that will boost economic recovery, employment, entrepreneurship, tourist attraction, road safety, reduction of travel times and the beautification of the entrance to the central canton of Puntarenas, the seaside resort par excellence of Costa Ricans, where we built so many childhood memories,” said President Carlos Alvarado.

The president also recalled the recently inaugurated national park in the old presidio on the island of San Lucas, considering that this effort in La Angostura will add to that project already in service, to continue generating tourism and economic income for the people of Puntarenas. From every point of view, the project will have a positive impact on the quality of life of the locals, concluded Alvarado.

Details. Once the works have started, the consortium formed by the companies Hernán Solís SRL and Ingeniería Estrella S.A. will have 12 months to complete the work.

The 2,890-metre stretch of National Route 17 will have four 3.3-metre wide lanes, separate 1.5-metre wide pavements on the beach side and a 2-metre wide cycle lane.

On the other hand, it will also have a panoramic seawall, so that vehicles can park and people can enjoy the beach and the promenade of the place, as well as the businesses that exist and are installed in the area.

With an investment of $6.6 million, the work will solve congestion on these 2.9 km of National Route 17. (Presidential House. Photo: Roberto Carlos Sánchez)

Municipal spaces will be used for landscaping and road safety, which will reduce expropriations by 70%, said Minister Méndez Mata, while thanking the local government for their collaboration.

This $6.6 million project is part of a $182,572,060 investment from the Transport Infrastructure Programme (PIT), financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The remainder of this amount is being used for the Barranca-Limonal extension, which received a start-up order a few weeks ago.

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