The 4 powers of the republic sign a manifesto of will for dialogue.

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Faced with the situation that the country is experiencing due to the pandemic and the harsh economic situation, the Supreme Powers, represented by the President of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Power and the Vice President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, categorically express our will to defend democracy, institutionality of the country and the Constitution.

We reiterate that dialogue is the legitimate Costa Rican way to build and provide solutions to the problems we face as a society as a result of the health, economic and social crisis, caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

We call for transparent dialogue, appealing to goodwill, to the responsibility of all sectors of the country, which have a seat at the multisectoral table, to build together a better, more equitable country with opportunities for all.

We thank the sectors, individuals and entities that since the beginning of the opening to dialogue have been willing to join and contribute to the task of joint construction of solutions so that Costa Rica continues to be the country of peace and one of the democracies strongest on the continent.

The challenge is great, but from the institutions that we represent we want to vehemently call for calm, to sit down to dialogue, to defend democracy and protect the institutional framework and the Constitution inherited from our ancestors, as is characteristic of Costa Ricans.

We reiterate that the respect and full validity of the democratic institutionality is the way to continue advancing in the task of building the free, peaceful, prosperous and just country to which we all aspire.

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