The 2020 Carebarros Collection arrives to the art and home sections

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The carebarros, one of our customers’ favorite items, come back this 2020 with new friends.

What is a Carebarro?

In Costa Rica, a “carebarro” is an adjective employed to describe the nonchalant, incoherent and arrogant attitude of someone.

What are our beloved Carebarros then?

The Carebarros that we display on our website or in our physical store in San José are little monsters-dolls made by the artist Raquel Rodriguez, who takes another look to porcelain dolls. She sculpts clay in the shape of animals, monsters and diverse other beings.
Everything is made in Costa Rica with Costa Rican clay; the carebarros are baked at high temperatures and painted and polished with special products. The sculpted faces are then sewed on fabric-made and stuffed bodies that are super huggable. On top of that, they are packpacks so they are extremelly useful to carry many things.

In fact, the carebarros have unique personalities that love to travel with their owner wherever they go: they are adopted by the person who falls in love with them rather than bought.
Each one of them has its own story and is happy to meet and leave with a new owner with whom to live new adventures.

Cups, flowerpots and much more

This 2020, on top of the packpack collection of Carebarros, a huge collection of cups, flowerpots, necklaces, earings and rings sculpted in clay arrives too.

Paradise Products Costa Rica’s Physical Store on the second floor of the Casa del Cacao in Costa Rica

The Carebarros and many other clay products will be exhibited and for sale from Monday to Saturday in the Physical Sotre of Paradise Products Costa Rica located on the second floor of the Casa del Cacao in Costa Rica. All of you are very welcome to come and get to know and try the carebarros that will be so happy to be adopted into a new home.

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