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Privacy Policy.

Paradise Products Costa Rica (referred as “the company”, compromises to protect its client’s and user’s privacy. For this commitment’s performance, Paradise Products Costa Rica has developed this Privacy Policy (Hereinafter referred as “Policy” or “Privacy Policy”) where policies and practices are described from Paradise Products Costa Rica regarding to the use, recollection disclosure of personal information gathered through the different platforms used by the company. Included but not limited to the website, social networks, manual databases, applications, events, meetings, physical store sor associated business. By registering, visiting and using the platforms, as a user (hereinafter “the user”); accepts that these practices will be detailed by the following. Always within the legal statutes of operation of the Republic of Costa Rica.

  1. Collected Information

Paradise Products Costa Rica collects personal information generated for the browsing, use or from registering as an user of the website services, networks and applications, including when applying to offers, subscriptions and inclusively those that are generated by telephone directly between the user and directly related persons in Paradise Products Costa Rica as long as this is done in order to obtain information about products or services of the company. This information may include but is not limited to: Name, Last name, Nationality, Place of residence, telephone number, identification number or passport number, e-mail address, associated information and provided to social networks that provide by extension options of registration to platforms and networks of the company. And if the user makes a transaction in any of our platforms, information about the credit card, debit or means of payment used . Such as card number, cardholder’s name and expiration this data is safely store at Stripe or Paypal and not on Paradise Products Costa Rica’s servers. Paradise Products Costa Rica has an obligation to know the client for what it means before the account is exchanged for goods or services that the company offers. These data is the minimum necessary for this purpose. The user is not in obligation to send this data, however, this might signify that the user might not be able to purchase the products or services desire, or have access to the full functionalites of our platforms.

  1. Authorization of use and treatment of information and registration.

When using any of our networks, website or applications, including contacts by email and other means related to the company. The user expressly authorizes Paradise Products Costa Rica, a power to treat and register their personal information for and among other purposes; carry out a start of operations per user, send confirmations of the status of shipments or reservations, offer products or services, process invoices, contact the user and customer to confirm the status of business processes, request their participation in the filling of surveys and evaluations of user services and experiences, behavioral analysis for the creation of statistics, notifications by email or other means of opportune contact, invoices process, sending offers that the company consider to be within the users interests. It deserves, therefore, for this order, have the resignation policy. (See resignation policy on-wards). Information about the user’s credit, debit or other payment instrument, for procedures related to the products or services offered by Paradise Products Costa Rica.

  1. Storage and transfer of Personal Information.

The equipment and the storage of information will be processed according to Law 8968 of the Republic of Costa Rica. The personal information collected is archived in the different means that the Company has at its disposal before the servers in Costa Rica. However, this information can be moved by the company in other systems in other countries or in the cloud in order to guarantee a higher level of security.

  1. Custody and Confidentiality of Personal Information.

The user provides his informed and unambiguous consent so that the company has free mobility of the user’s data, within what the Costa Rican law foresees. The data will not be offered, sold, exchanged or issue of gifts or given to a third party without a written and unequivocal communication requesting the user’s approval for said process.

  1. Access to information by third parties.

Paradise Products Costa Rica may, however, transfer or share information such as, Name, email address, profile picture and telephone number to the providers of the services that merit it, with the sole purpose that the borrowers of these services can contact the users. In these cases, this data transfer will be made only when there is a relationship that links and justifies the communication between the user and the final service provider. Paradise Products Costa Ricas reserves the ability to authorize third parties the ability to collect information in its name. This must be communicated in advance by the third party. Paradise Products Costa Rica may share any information it has, about one or several specific users if it is required by law and in order to collaborate with the authorities of the country without having to inform the user of said action.

  1. Resignation Policy.

When registering in any of our contact services or as a user of any of the services of the company or when making a transaction, an option will be given on whether the user wish to receive offers and information on activities, products, and company newsletters. The user can decide whether to receive them or not. In case of accepting in the first instance the user can change their configuration at any time. Requesting rectification or elimination of the contact database. This option will also be provided in each contact that is sent to the user.

  1. Right of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition of Personal Information

Users, holders of Personal Information are recognized and may exercise the rights to access, cancel and update their Personal Information, as well as to oppose the processing thereof and to be informed of the transfers carried out, free of charge at intervals not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is accredited to that effect, the user have the power to attend to complaints and claims filed in relation to the breach of the rules on protection of personal data. The users guarantee and respond, in any case, of the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Information provided, and undertake to keep it duly updated. To exercise the user’s rectification right, it is sufficient to contact the company attaching an image of a valid identification document issued by a state authority plus the application plus the request in question. This can also be done by the user entering their profile if the user have one. Completed the above and if it is possible to rectify or eliminate the file. The user will be informed if the rectification or elimination was carried out.

  1. Areas of service for the sale of Products and Services.

Paradise Products Costa Rica is a Costa Rican brand and company dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, representation and sale of Costa Rican products and services. Including but not limited to the following categories: Home, Fashion, Art, Music, Jewelry, Food, Travel and Tourism. As such, Paradise Products Costa Rica does not produce or manufacture products. However, it is responsible for studying in depth those products and services offered on its platforms. Paradise Products Costa Rica guarantees quality in its products and provides the lowest cost in shipments. Therefore, it is responsible for any damage or defect in the manufacture of the ordered product. But it is not responsible for damages or losses caused during the shipping process.Paradise Products Costa Rica offers the option of making reservations and appointments at events, tourist destinations, temporary accommodations and tour operators through its website and other platforms. When making a reservation through the platforms of the company, the user establishes a legally binding contractual relationship with the borrower of the reserved service. Paradise Products Costa Rica only serves as an intermediary between the service provider or the final lender (s) of the service and the user, the company transmits the data of the reservation and that Personal Information necessary to finalize the reservation in the place of destination. The company assumes that the client has verified the information provided and that these are correct and true. The user is responsible for the data provided and must take care to ensure that the user is accurate, correct and true. The company is not responsible for spelling, typographical or other errors caused by causes beyond the control of the company for example: power outage, server malfunction, internet interruption, inattention, or neglect among others. The company will confirm the transactions automatically, it will be up to the user to communicate with the company or make the necessary corrections. Before information, inaccurate, misleading, false or incomplete, the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation, this without involving money back in case of having made the transaction. In these cases the company will try if it is possible to communicate with the user to request correction or completion of the data. However, it will always be the responsibility of the user to ensure the veracity of the data provided by him or her. Paradise Products Costa Rica is not responsible for data provided by the user once arrived at the destination. These data will be the responsibility of the place and its legal manager. Paradise Products Costa Rica reminds that it is always the responsibility of the owner of Personal Information to ensure the proper treatment of their data.

  1. Automatic data collection.

Paradise Products Costa Rica, both through its platforms and in its social networks, collects automatically and anonymously generated data about users who browse its extensions. Data such as: Age, Sex, Browser used, IP of origin, reference website among others. This data is anonymous and demographic and is used in order to improve the overall experience of potential customers of our products and services. For this, files called cookies are used. A cookie, or computer cookie is a small information sent by a website and stored in the user’s browser, so that the website can consult the user’s previous activity. The user may not accept the use of cookies however this could lead to difficulties in the use of the site and even inability to make transactions.

  1. Accounts and passwords.

By registering with Paradise Products Costa Rica and any of its networks, services or platforms. The user must create an account associated with an email and a password to access said account. If for any reason the user considers it is committed, it is the user’s responsibility to take the necessary actions to correct this. Otherwise, the user must contact us to perform the actions we consider necessary to ensure the integrity of the information.The company will seek to protect in the best possible way, within its possibilities, the data that it keeps, however, it is not responsible for gaps or hacks that affect the borrowers of the services that the company uses to store their data. Nor is responsible for gaps or hacks suffered by third-party service providers to whom Paradise Products Costa Rica entrusted the necessary data to complete the services purchased by the user.

  1. External links and references.

Paradise Products Costa Rica may contain hyperlinks to other websites, networks and platforms of other companies, with its own and different privacy policies. Paradise Products Costa Rica is not responsible for those policies or the total or partial content of these pages, networks or platforms. Neither is it responsible for the policies or content of pages, networks or platforms that refer to Paradise Products Costa Rica. Paradise Products Costa Rica reminds that it is always the responsibility of the owner of Personal Information to ensure the proper treatment of their data.

  1. Public access sites.

The user must bear in mind that the company has public access sites, networks and social platforms. All personal information that the user leaves in these spaces leaves the control of the company and can be accessed by any other person or robot. Paradise Products Costa Rica reminds that it is always the responsibility of the owner of Personal Information to ensure the proper treatment of their data.

  1. Modifications to the contract.

Paradise Products Costa Rica may modify, terms and conditions within this privacy policy of the company. This could affect how user’s data is treated. If and when this happens, the company will make these changes public through publications on its website. The user is entitled to not accept the new policies and conditions applied. In this case, the user must notify the company or delete the user account. Failure to do so will be due to the fact that the user knows and agrees with the policies. Any questions or queries about the privacy policy of the company can be answered by writing to

15.Conditions of use of the website.

By making use of this website, the user accepts and guarantees that their decisions are legally binding between him and the services and products purchased. It also guarantees that a) it will not buy, finance or provide to third parties substances restricted by age usage such as alcohol or others that fit into the category of supervised sale. b) will only make reservations or “bookings” in the user’s name or those of people with whom the user has the consent to do so on behalf of them. And for this the user must inform these people of the terms and conditions used on this site and by the company. c) Guarantees that the information provided by the user is true, current, accurate and complete. The company reserves the right to deny total or partial access to any user who has violated at least one of the terms and conditions of use in this privacy policy and whose behavior is alien to social principles of good behavior and good customs.

  1. Prohibitions

The information presented on this website is the property of Paradise Products Costa Rica. Reproduction is forbidden without reference to its origin. Information such as prices, infrastructure, and content is property of Paradise Products Costa Rica and the final borrowers of the services. The information regarding suppliers, traceability of origin is available in order to provide information to the buyer of the origin of the product or services acquired and producer, artist or craftsman who makes it. If this information is to be extracted from the web page, the user must refer to Paradise Products Costa Rica as the origin and owner of the information.The extraction, mining, misuse or fraudulent use of the contents generated by the company is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use bots, robots, spiders, scrapers or any other automatic or manual means of collecting or extracting information if written, express and unequivocal authorization of Paradise Products Costa Rica.The purchase of reservations for resale purposes is prohibited. Paradise Products Costa Rica serves as a direct link between the buyer or user and the service provider. Both Paradise Products Costa Rica and the final borrowers reserve the right not to provide the service to third parties who have not been properly identified at the time of making the transaction or reservation. If the user wishes to transfer its reservation to another person, the user who made the reservation must contact Pardise Products Costa Rica with a reasonable time of at least one week (eight days) prior to the reserved date, identify himself/herself properly and identify the new user with all the data that was requested to him/her in the first place.Paradise Products Costa Rica reserves the right to cancel, and eliminate any user account, transaction or reservation that shows reasonable signs of fraud, falsehood, bad intentions, abuse or any indication of suspicious activity. As well as the option to take any legal action deemed appropriate against the user that has generated or promoted illicit actions, through the use of any of our platforms or the information found in them. The user who performs any type of illicit, fraudulent or ill-intentioned act, using any asset or liability of the company may be liable for the potential patrimonial losses suffered by the companies, as well as the procedural and compensation costs for damages and losses. If the user’s account is closed and the user believe that an error has been made, the user will be able to contact the company through the available means to request a study of the case and if it leads to the reactivation of their accounts.

  1. Privacy policy for comments, suggestions, criticisms, ratings, opinions and so on.

Paradise Products Costa Rica appreciates all comments, emails, criticism and any other information and contact generated in any of its platforms and that is related to the products and services provided by the company. When sending the user’s comments, opinions, criticisms, ratings and other communications that by their nature do not contain information that can be considered confidential or by placing these on any of the company’s platforms. The user grants his/her unequivocal permission to Paradise Products Costa Rica its affiliates or final service providers to: A) Use, translate to other languages, share, reproduce, refer, distribute, adapt or modify the comments, ratings, communications or publications in means and methods of global reach and dissemination. B) Use reference information such as name, place of residence, date of publication or sending of the comment and age as the company deems useful or necessary.C) Grants the company the right to initiate legal actions against any third party that misuses this information. D) Accept that comments, criticisms, opinions, other communications that evaluate the performance, appearance or satisfaction of the products and services offered by Paradise Products Costa Rica, are not confidential or exclusive property, free of all types of payments or charges. Intellectual property, royalties and are free of copyright. E) The user agrees to use appropriate language, refrains from sharing material that may offend other users or that goes against good customs.It is possible that the company generates dynamics, raffles or contests that require the participation of the user. This type of dynamics will be subject to the above rules. If the user does not agree with what is mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, the user must refrain from participating.

  1. Exemption from liability.

The information presented on the website of the company and its platforms may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies. Paradise Products Costa Rica does not guarantee that the opinions generated by other users are exact and accurate. Nor can it guarantee that the photographs, reviews or evaluations made by them are so. Paradise Products Costa Rica monitors the products it sells and always tries to keep the information presented updated. However, the owners of services or products can make changes that Paradise Products Costa Rica has no control over or has not been able to update with their information. Paradise Products Costa Rica is a platform designed to promote the goods and services generated in Costa Rica. These goods and services are the exclusive property of independent third partie who are not, employees or agents of the company. Paradise Products Costa Rica will always seek to maintain customer satisfaction. We appreciate that the user inform us about any anomaly, defect or bad services suffered. For that we will request that the user present evidence of the above. Given this, Paradise Products Costa Rica will reserve the right to evaluate if the claim takes place and if it is within its competence to offer reparation for what happened.

  1. Compensation

The User agrees to indemnify Paradise Products Costa Rica and / or its employees and agents against any claim, action, demand, loss, penalties, fines, damages, including costs and expenses of any kind or nature, including and without limitation to legal fees. And reasonable accountants resulting from: Breach, deception or misuse of the Terms and Conditions, information, offers and images that appear on the company’s website and any of its platforms. Affectations, deceits or scams to third parties that result from the illegal use of any information related to the company or even the use of this by a third party without the written and explicit approval of the company.

  1. Software

Before installing and using any software offered or provided by the company or any of the third parties that provide services related to it, the user must accept the terms and conditions. The programming code, formats, style designs and other topics related to all aspects and functionalities of the software are property of Paradise Products Costa Rica. The total or partial copying of any of the parts that make up the software will be considered as an action worthy of compensation and may be subject to legal actions deemed appropriate.The permission to use the software is granted indefinitely. The hosting of the software on any server other than those used by the company for this purpose is prohibited; if this is done in order to commercialize or profit from the unauthorized distribution of the software by third parties outside the company and without consent of the company.

  1. Bank fees and exchange rates for use.

It is possible that some banks or financial entities make charges for international transactions, specially for those directly between Banks. This may imply that the balance of the client’s account in their financial institution is different from the costs and prices offered by the company. Paradise Products Costa Rica is not responsible for said costs of collection, commissions or exchange differentials that the financial entity or entities to which the user is associated charge. These charges if happen are independent and unrelated to Paradise Products Costa Rica and it will be the duty of the user to be informed of any collection generated by the financial entity that manages their accounts and monies. When making a transaction which is the customer makes explicit their knowledge of this and releases Paradise Products Costa Rica of any responsibility or relationship to the collection of any commission, change or tariff that the user’s financial institution, bank, credit operator or country generate.

  1. Copyright, intellectual property and trademarks.

The contents presented in the websites and platforms of Paradise Products Costa Rica are owned and authored by the company and in those where and when cases there will not be made reference to the source of information and author of the material. The total or partial reproduction for profit of information presented here is forbidden without direct reference to Paradise Products Costa Rica or the third parties that are part of the content.

  1. Correction and rectification of copyright.

Paradise Products Costa Rica may use material created by third parties to refer information with didactic, or merely illustrative purposes. Never pretend to profit improperly or without the express authorization of the author or authors of the material. If someone considers that any material used by the company or its platforms infringes the copyright. The user may request a correction, rectification or elimination of the material. To do this the user must make the claim in the following way by writing to

  1. The user must clearly and concisely identify the copyright that is considered infringed.
  2. Clearly and concisely identify the location of the material that is considered to infringe copyright.
  3. Provide the contact information of the claimant in order to respond to the claim.
  4. Must include a statement that: “the information included in the claim is accurate, and under penalty of perjury and that the complaining party owns the claimed rights or makes the claim on behalf of the rights owner (s). in question.”
  5. Generals

This contract, terms and conditions of use are governed by the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica, while the powers allowed by the social networks that companies and users choose to use are governed according to the respective legislation chosen. Every user agrees to submit to Costa Rican jurisprudence to resolve any dispute arising from events related to the products and services offered by Paradise Products Costa Rica.The user agrees and consents Paradise Products Costa Rica’s ability to subcontract or delegate rights, duties or obligations of this agreement. The user also states that there is no employment relationship between the user and Paradise Products Costa Rica nor with third parties related to the products or services offered by the company.If any article of this agreement is considered invalid or not applicable by current legislation and applicable laws. Including, but not limited to, the limitation of guarantees and exemption from liability established previously. The terms must then be replaced by a provision validity that comes as close as possible to the real intention of the parties included in the original provision, the rest of the agreement will remain valid.This agreement constitutes a complete agreement between the user and the company in relation to the procedures and uses of the website and any of the platforms used by the parties and replaces any previous or future information that does not conform or reflect in a concise manner said here everything is in case of omission, confusion or inability to accurately reflect the dimensions of the agreement. The user accepts that when making a transaction or using any of the platforms he does so based on what is said in this agreement.All rights not expressly granted in this agreement are reserved by the company.All rights reserved. San José Costa Rica.Other provisions.

  1. Payment and Prices

The products and services to the detail must be paid in full. The company may not accept payments lower than the total amount of the product. In the case of services or bulk quantities that allow payment models. The entire amount must be paid before receiving the service, except in the instances in which a different payment model is agreed upon. For wholesale exports each shipment will be treated under terms and conditions independent of those present in this document.The prices shown on the website and platforms correspond to the price of the products per unit, except in cases where the unit as such is too small to signify a profitable transaction. In such cases, packages or groupings of products will be offered. This will then be treated as the minimum unit of sale in relation to the price. The components will appear listed although it is possible that the relative value of each item does not appear in relation to the final price of the unit to be marketed. Buying more than one unit means a linear increase in the total price. So much that the price multiplies the quantity of products. The shipment will be calculated according to the weight of the total of the units to travel. And it will increase in relation to the weight by changing every 500g. Some of the products offered by the company can not be purchased without accepting and paying the shipping price. The prices written on the website do not include shipping, the cost of this will be calculated once the item is selected.The company is not responsible for any type of commission, charge or fee imposed by banks, cards or any other type of international financial entity on the transaction. Some entities charge taxes or exchange rates according to currency or countries. This is beyond the control of the company and we are not responsible for extra costs generated by third parties unrelated to Paradise Products Costa Rica.If the article or the services seen in any of the different platforms of the company are found in other websites, applications or any other type of third-party platforms outside Paradise Products Costa Rica and is acquired by the user in these. The company is not responsible in any way for the status, quality, arrival, price or satisfaction of the product or service.

  1. Cancellations.

Each bookable product can have its cancellation policy defined according to the preferences of the supplier. For cases where a cancellation is available within the date range defined by the provider or service. Paradise Products Costa Rica will offer the customer the option of using the credit in any other product or service in the company’s current catalog or a full refund of the amount paid by the customer prior to cancellation. If the cancellation is due to any reason, Paradise Products Costa Rica could act as an intermediary between the customer and the service provider to see if a refund may be an issue

a) Cancellation or non-compliance by the user.

When making a transaction either for the purchase of a product or as a reservation for a locality. The client agrees to read this document and declares that at the time of the transaction he / she is in a financial, physical and psychological capacity and disposition to perform the activities related to the reserved area or not to renounce the purchase of the purchased product. However, the company understands that it is impossible to calculate and predict all the variables that could modify the user’s original capabilities. If the user must cancel due to force majeure, acts of god, war, political instability or other highly unlikely element that prevents the user from executing or enjoying the product or service purchased. The user can write to explaining his case and detailing as best as possible the situations that according to him prevent him from enjoying the product or service acquired. It will then be evaluated by the company if the reasons given justify a partial refund of the money received for the purchase. For cases of reservation of services, the company may offer dates up to 24 hours in advance and up to 1 year in advance. Any cancellation prior to two months of compliance with the execution date makes the user able to claim up to 75% of the total price after cancellation of the service. 25% will be claimed by the company as compensation for lost profits. In the cases in which the reservation of the service has been made in a period less than two months prior to the date of execution of the service. The user will be credited with between 50% or 30% of the total amount canceled this depending on the level of demand of the season or service.In case the user does not show up to pick up his product or to receive the contracted service. There will be no refund of money. For the cases in which the product or service require an advance payment to guarantee a space or a product of limited existence. There is a time lapse that will be duly informed on the website of the product or service. Failure to finalize the acquisition of the product or service before the expiration of this period of time. It implies the loss of the partial payment for the user. And this will not be reimbursed. The user may, however, request an extension of the deadline, at least 8 days before the expiration of this by writing to the email detailing the reasons why the user considers an extension of time. Granting an extension will be at the discretion of the company and may involve an extra charge on the final price of the product or service if this is communicated to the user and he must respond if he accepts or not the new price and term during the next 42 hours after the company’s response. If the company does not understand that the user has not accepted and proceed to wait for the completion of the original term for its completion or cancellation.

  1. Cancellation or non-compliance by the company.

The company will always seek to fulfill its obligations to the user. Faced with events beyond the control of the company such as; but without being limited to acts of God, instability, politics, war, invasions, health threats, natural disasters or any other reason that justifies the cancellation of a contracted service, the company undertakes to inform the user who has already made a transaction the option that reuse the payment for the purchase of products or for the purchase of any other service available to the company, with an equivalent value equal to the amount of the canceled product or service, or that serves as the basis for the final payment if the user accepts the arrangement. In the case of the user, they do not agree to use the amount paid by him to purchase another product or service. The company will offer a full refund of the money paid by the user. This process may take a maximum of 15 days. Refunds of money will be made by the same means that they were received without any exception. And they will be made solely and exclusively to the account or card that made the transaction in the first place and not to any other.

It is the responsibility of the user to add active contacts to the user and to check regularly. Paradise Products Costa Rica will try to contact the user a maximum of three occasions during a period of 1 month to the email associated with the transaction. If there is no answer, the company will assume disinterest, abandonment and resignation by the user to the money, it will stop trying to contact him and reserves the option not to refund the money. The user may at any time check the availability of the service or product purchased by any of the means and platforms made available by the company. It is also recommended that the user be informed about the conditions that could lead to the cancellation of a reservation or the shipment of a product for reasons of force majeure.

  1. Minor events.

The company is not responsible for minor eventualities, beyond the control of the user and the company, but not limited to: Cancellation or delay of flights or any other means of transport, landslides, accidents, natural disasters, and assaults, loss of documents or luggage among others. However, in search of user satisfaction and that this has the best possible experience, the user can contact the company to mediate with the final service provider and seek an alternative or resolution to the above. However, the company finds it impossible to ensure a resolution that satisfies all parties. The company will study the case and it will be at their discretion and that of nobody else if it is possible to generate an arrangement. This will be subject to the arguments, availability and seriousness of the particular case. Given the uncertainty of any kind the company will judge seeking to protect their interests.

  1. Guarantees, Clarifications and Disclaimer of responsibilities for products.

Paradise Products Costa Rica ensures that all products are reviewed before the user is shipped and that the user have been packed and packaged in an appropriate manner. If upon receiving the product the user finds a defect that considers the product invalid or finds it defective. The user can contact the company specifying the errors or defects and must forward the product to the sender address or to the address of the company. The user must pay for this shipment. Upon receipt of the product back in Costa Rica, the company undertakes to send a replacement or in optimal conditions or offer the customer a full refund equal to the total amount paid by the user.Some of the products offered by the company offer warranty on use and wear. If the user wishes to make use of any of these guarantees on specific products, he/she may do so by contacting the company and sending the product back to the sender or to the address of the company the client must nevertheless pay the shipping costs to Costa Rica the company will send the product back as a courtesy as long as it weighs less than 5kg to exceed this weight, the user must bear the shipping cost to the final recipient.The company offers different shipping models in order to guarantee competitive costs. Of the different types of models only the “Express” model offers tracking of the package during the trip. When ordering an express delivery, a tracking number of the package is generated to identify where the package is located. The company will track the package for the user and this number will also be given to the user so he can track it as well. Any other shipping model that is not express does not generate a tracking number so it is impossible to locate the package. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure to check his / her locker and / or the shipping address in order to ensure the arrival of the package. The company is not directly responsible for losses or damages caused during the transport of the packages, however it will seek to execute the insurance related to the postal system. In case a package is not claimed by the user and it is returned to the sender. Paradise Products Costa Rica will seek to contact the user and inform him of what happened to request a new address or confirm the previous one. In these cases, the user must pay for the package delivery again.Paradise Products Costa Rica is not responsible for any damage caused in the destination of the package, whatever the origin of the package.Costa Rica has free trade agreements with 15 countries in the member countries of the European Union, the United States, Canada and China. The products present on the website do not offer tax calculation by their nature and volumes assume as possible that the user is exempt from taxes, it is also impossible to calculate the possible taxes and the appropriate commercial taxonomy for each of these, taxes, fees, barriers not tariffs or tax burden of any other type for each country of the world. So Paradise Products Costa Rica is not responsible for any tax that is required by the customs authority of the country of destination of the products.

  1. Guarantees, Clarifications and Waiver of responsibilities for services.

Paradise Products Costa Rica is not responsible for weather, seasonal or other conditions beyond its control that prevent maximum enjoyment of services. The photographs, images, descriptions, audios and videos and any other type of support material used to illustrate and illustrate the facilities or services acquired have been taken in conditions close to optimal and although the company guarantees faithfully represents the infrastructure and the state of the place or service purchased, can not guarantee the replication of the conditions for the dates in which the user enjoys them. The company is not responsible for the experiences or difficulties that the user may experience in nearby places or relative to the place where the service was purchased and that have no relationship with the company such as: Spas, swimming pools, restaurants, hostals, supermarkets, etc. Nor is responsible for the availability of third-party services that are not directly subject to what is offered on the website or any of the company’s platforms. How and to mention some possibilities: Tickets or availability of national parks, horseback riding, raftings, tour guides, bars among others.Some of the activities associated with the services offered by the company may entail limitations and regulations such as age limits, physical condition, and health or non-pregnancy status, among others. This limiting, if the user is part of the services offered by the company, the user will be properly identified. However, the company is not responsible for other activities that may lead to injuries of any kind or even death to the user or persons related to him / her. The company at the moment does not offer life insurance, related to the use of its services, since none of them implies imminent exposure to danger. At the time of making a transaction, the user makes clear that he understands the service he/she is hiring and at no time will he seek to endanger himself or any person close to him. Also that he knows his capacities and limitations and that any over exigency is his responsibility and that of nobody else.

  1. Passports, visa, insurance and risks.

On our page and our blog the user can find general information about visa passports and other general requirements and recommendations for trips to Costa Rica. Paradise Products Costa Rica is NOT a travel agency is a company that is responsible for promoting Costa Rican products and services in the world. Part of this commitment includes the dissemination of historical facts, folkloric, news, activities and destinations among other elements that can be made in the country. This service has no cost and is a social service that the company and its platforms makes available to all users.We recommend confirming information regarding requirements, safety, and health with trusted doctors and other sources to ensure the best possible experience. The website is not responsible for any impediments that prevent the user from entering the country or staying there. When the user makes transfers or payments made by the user declares to be free of any limitation that prevents or prohibits their participation in the services or products offered by the company.

  1. Terms and conditions of use.

The website, platforms, applications and other products and services associated with the company are provided by the company in order to offer the user a pleasant experience and the ability to obtain products and services from Costa Rica at the same time as information. If the user does not agree with the terms and conditions of use, he/she must then stop using the tools provided by the company.Updated August 2018