Tapantí National Park and Irazú Volcano will have online ticket sales

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Starting in October, online ticket sales will be enabled in the Tapantí Macizo de la Muerte and Volcán Irazú parks (Prusia and Craters sectors), located in the province of Cartago, the executive director of the National System of Areas announced on Tuesday Conservation (SINAC), Grettel Vega.

This is the Purchase and Reservation System (SICORE) implemented this year by SINAC, whose objective is that tourists can buy their tickets online from any device, trying to facilitate access to resident and non-resident visitors.

To date, Chirripó, Poás volcano, Manuel Antonio and Isla San Lucas have this technological option that acquires special relevance in the current context of the pandemic, since it allows the visitor to acquire their ticket digitally without having to pay in cash, reducing the direct contact between people and making the process more efficient.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Andrea Meza, indicated that this achievement in terms of digitization and innovation in services and the national park system, aims to continue adding support to maximize conservation efforts of ASPs through visitation, as well as, to contribute in the economic reactivation of the nearby communities.

“MINAE and SINAC are working hard to apply this platform in all National Parks and ASPs that receive tourist visits, strengthening tourist attention and facilitating the attainment of economic resources as a result of a new style of visitor service. “With the next additions to these two National Parks located in Cartago, there are now a total of six protected wild areas, where you can reserve the entry ticket online,” explained the hierarch.

Finally, Rafael Gutiérrez, regional director of the Central Conservation Area, explained that in conjunction with the Information Technology Department of SINAC, work has been done to improve digital services and progress has been made in the provision of online mechanisms, to be able to make reservations in the protected wild areas of the Central Region, including those contemplated in the province of Cartago.

“After a technical analysis, as well as the review of the improvements and requests of the users of the reservation system of the Poás Volcano National Park, the stage of structuring an online sales system for the Irazú Volcano National Parks and Tapantí Massif of Death ”, he added.

She added that to date the testing environment stages have been completed, where officials have performed system tests and it is in the production environment phase. According to the schedule drawn up, the system will come into operation in October.

“It is necessary to indicate that, with the purchase of the admission tickets, the terms and conditions established by the Administration are considered accepted, so it is very important to read and understand the conditions established before making the purchase,” Gutiérrez concluded.

The director of SINAC, Grettel Vega, reported that since the reopening of the Conservation Areas on May 11 until the previous week, the Irazú Volcano National Park reported an entry of 30,099 tourists in its two sectors Prusia and Craters. For its part, the Tapantí National Park registered a visitation of 5,554 people.

The authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) recall that National Parks operate with a capacity of 50% and under a strict sanitary protocol issued by the Ministry of Health.

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