Surf is ready to return as an engine of national tourism

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“The opening of the air border is a great relief for the more than 400 surf schools and instructors that the country has. A significant number of travelers choose Costa Rica to learn to surf or as a training camp, thanks to its unique conditions in the world, such as the excellent quality of the waves, warm waters and the great tourist infrastructure of the country ”.

With these statements, the president of the Surfing Federation of Costa Rica, Randall Chávez, indicated that this sporting discipline is ready to receive tourists from all over the world in the different beaches of the country suitable for sports in order to open to all countries of the world of the Costa Rican air border as of November 1.

Waiting for the return of the tourists, during the last months the Federation has put into practice all the sanitary protocols -authorized by the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Sports- and has made them available to more than 400 instructors throughout the country beaches.

Among other preventive measures that surfers should apply, the prior consultation of quotas and schedules to practice this discipline, physical distancing, personal hygiene and constant disinfection of equipment such as surfboards and other accessories stand out.

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the Minister of Sports, Hernán Solano Venegas, as well as the Federation, schools and companies linked to this activity, call on visitors to maintain a responsible tourism approach, sustainable with the environment and to respect the social bubbles as well as the application of all preventive measures for COVID-19.

Minister Solano indicated that this is an opportunity to generate activities in the coastal areas of the country with the purpose of bringing employment and, also, an alternative for Costa Rican and foreign citizens to play sports, and emotional exercise, in such a complicated year.

“We have on our coasts the strength for an economic reactivation, by being able to offer world sports tourism a unique experience, with protocols and a health system that guarantee their safety during their time on national soil,” added the ruling hierarch of sport in Costa Delicious.

Coincidentally, the president of the Surf Federation explained that the entity seeks to spread the practice of this sport, thus contributing a grain of sand with the creation of sources of employment in the coastal areas. “Many of these surfers set up schools so that international tourists have an alternative as a recreational activity on different beaches in the country,” he said.

“In addition, our surfers serve the country as lifeguards, protecting the safety of tourists who come to visit our beaches. We from the Federation promote the training of instructors under international standards, with the aim that visitors get a good impression and image of the beaches of Costa Rica and surfing, of course, “he added.

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