Successful medical care campaign in indigenous areas ends during Pandemic

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A total of 726 indigenous people from Alto Telire in Talamanca received medical attention from an emergency response team (EMT) of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

The CCSS deployed four EMT teams in the mountains, each consisting of two doctors and one pharmacist, who worked simultaneously in the communities of Bajo Bley, Piedra Meza, Beibata and Botubata, according to executive president Dr. Román Macaya Hayes.

For two days, the teams provided shock care that included the most urgent needs: skin lesions, burns, leishmaniasis, low back pain (uterine bleeding), otitis, flu, parasites, asthma, among others. Nine women also received prenatal control, an air transfer was made to the Tony Facio hospital for burns, and 23 procedures were performed, among which foreign bodies of insects were removed in minors.

In addition, 4,877 drug coupons were issued.

Dr. Macaya reported that the teams were admitted by helicopter on Wednesday, April 29 and lasted until Friday, May 1.

The hierarch explained that it involved the coordination of the network of services in the Huetar Atlántica region since the staff works in different hospitals and health areas.

The EMT teams are made up of personnel with preparation and training for insertion in the mountains and each carries his own survival kit, in this case they are under the coordination of the Regional Committee for Disaster and Emergency Attention (CRADE) of the Directorate of the Network of Huetar Atlántica Region Health Services.

Dr. Macaya Hayes stated that, in normal times, these tours would last one week, but “due to the COVID-19 emergency, preventive measures were taken, such as reducing the length of stay and the number of people, in addition, prior to, all the staff underwent a medical evaluation to guarantee their health condition.

The action was part of the humanitarian assistance operation in which various institutions participated, including the CCSS, the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE), the Vice-Ministry of the Presidency, the Air Surveillance Service, the Commission National Indigenous Affairs (CONAI), the Indigenous Community Committees, Red Cross and the Fire Department.

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