Streaming culture offer to avoid leaving your home during this quarantine.

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A cultural offer addressed to the family and online from your computer, cell phone or Tablet, will be offered by the Ministry of Culture and Youth this week. Two plays and concerts from the MCJ Concert Bands on social networks with music for all tastes awaits everyone at home.

Enjoy the works of the National Theater from your computer, tablet or cell phone

The National Theater of Costa Rica will have the following programming on Channel 13 in coordination with the Ministry of Public Education:

  • Thursday, March 26, from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m., play “Oedipus Rex”: masterpiece of Sophocles, who wrote it at the apex of the golden age of the culture of Athens. Oedipus Rex deals with the human being as a victim of his destiny. The play introduces us to Oedipus at its peak, as king of Thebes and husband of Yocasta. In order to save the city, he begins to investigate the death of the previous king: Laius. Little by little the truth is discovered: Oedipus is the murderer he seeks. Layo was his father. And his wife: Yocasta, is at the same time, his mother.
  • Tuesday, March 28, from 10 am to 12 noon, play “Frankenstein: based on the novel by Mary Shelley, it is the second play that makes up the program” Once upon a time … “carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Public Education. The actors Arturo Campos, Michael Dionisio Morales Sojo, Luis Daniel Cubillo, Greivin Chavarría Bolaños, Noelia Jiménez, Karina Moya and Katherine Moya participate in this staging.The story stands out as a monster called “Frankenstein”, it is created with the latest advances of science by Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who, frightened by his ugliness, abandons him and runs away.

Listen to the San José Concert Band #Encasa

banda SJ

The San José Concert Band will offer the gala concert entitled “6 Continentes”, under the direction of guest teacher Thomas Verrier, this coming Wednesday, March 25, at 7 pm, through its social network Facebook: https: //

On the other hand, the director of the Band, Juan Bautista, told the MCJ Press and Communication Office that the concert “Punto de Encuentro” is now available on the YouTube channel, to bring the Costa Rican family closer at this time to be saved. See it in this link

Heredia Concert Band will publish their concerts on Facebook


Every Sunday at 10 am, the Heredia Concert Band will be showing some of their concerts on their Facebook page, from yesterday until next Sunday the opera concert “La Traviata” will be playing with the soprano Elsa Castro , the tenor Gabriel Gudiel and the narration of José Manuel Aguilar in the following link

“These days, the musicians of the Heredia Concert Band of the Ministry of Culture are working hard from our homes, we organize ourselves in chats and by email. We invite you to enjoy some of our best concerts that will be uploaded every Sunday and will stay on the wall for a week, including the La Traviata opera, the concert of Costa Rican women composers and the concert with works by Costa Rican composers dedicated to the Virgin Mary between others ”, pointed out Andrés Porras, director of the Heredia Concert Band.

Every Sunday a new concert will be uploaded that will remain available for a week.

A variety of musical styles including classical, jazz, salsa and rock will be offered by the Cartago Concert Band

Next Friday the 27th, at 7 pm, the Cartago Concert Band will publish on its Facebook page the concert “A Musical Catalog” where they will perform a variety of musical styles including classical, jazz, salsa, rock, among others, with the participation of the Costa Rican composer Vinicio Meza and the guitarist Juan Manuel Solano:


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