Statistical summary of Covid19 in Costa Rica

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On March 6, Costa Rica registered its first 2 cases of Covid19 in the country. The news led to the gradual closure of businesses, restriction of capacity and vehicular circulation, as well as the closure of borders, leading to the inevitable collapse of the tourism industry, which in Costa Rica is the most dynamic and important industry in the country. The following post shows statistical data on the progress of the disease and contagions in Costa Rica and its impact on various areas of life and being Costa Rican as well as several comparisons with other countries.

The first graph shows the number of positive cases declared daily from March 6 to the current day.

The second graph shows the daily progress of the disease. Positive Cases, Recovered Cases and Deaths daily.

The third graph shows the progress of hospital beds since the start of the pandemic.

Comparisons Costa Rica vs Other countries.

The first comparative table shows the number of positive cases 30, 100, 200 and 300 days after the first official case of Covid 19 was detected in each country. Costa Rica celebrated 300 days of the first case (March 6) on December 31 .

The second table shows the cumulative number of deaths attributed to Covid19 at 100, 200 and 300 days after the first official case of Covid 19 in each country.

Fall in Tourism

2020 was projected as the best year for Costa Rica in terms of tourist arrivals, however the pandemic and the closure of borders by both Costa Rica and the issuing countries reduced arrivals to 1998 levels with a fall of 18 %. Going back 20 years. The graph requires the data for December 2020.

Other data

Number of People Recovered by Canton as of December 31, 2020.

Deaths by canton as of December 31, 2020

Covid by Age.

Covid by Gender

Covid by Nationality

Percentage of positive cases according to Nationality. Total Numbers as of December 31: C



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