“Soy Tico” by the national symphonic choir, from their respective houses.

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The National Symphonic Choir (CSN) joined their voices and talent to present in a virtual way the work of the Costa Rican composer, Carlos Guzmán, “Soy Tico”, from 75 different locations.

The members of the Choir sang and recorded from their homes the choir version of “Soy Tico”, under the baton of Marcela Lizano, director of the National Symphonic Choir, “the singers worked for three weeks on this project, which It was presented to the public this Wednesday, May 27, through the different platforms of the National Music Center (CNM), ”said Lizano.

“The choir has been active and continues to share its passion in virtual rehearsals from home. It has been a challenge for all of us to adapt and make the most of the possibilities that virtuality offers us. In chorus we are used to singing and finding balance in a group. From home each one has had to sing alone, listen to oneself, reflect and enrich oneself. We share with you a lot of love our beloved I am Tico ”, said Lizano.

Currently, the National Symphonic Choir performs two virtual rehearsals per week, this due to the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health. Since last March, the different CNM groups have produced graphic material to publish on the institution’s different virtual platforms, such as the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Institute of Music and now the National Symphonic Choir.

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