Some of the Ventures in El Guarco de Cartago.

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Microalgae. The use of microalgae that consume carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen, faster than a tree, is the project developed by a group of 17 women in Tobosi de El Guarco de Cartago, organized in the Cooperativa de Autogestión de Servicios Ambientales (CoopeAgir RL), with the support of the Rural Development Institute, Inder.

They are working on the development of containers for cultivating these microalgae that may be located in shopping centers, establishments, vehicle agencies, state and private institutions, among others, and that will help mitigate global warming.

“This is what we have called“ smartrees ”, an alternative to mitigate carbon dioxide in urban areas where there is no opportunity to plant trees to carry out this work. We develop structures of 12 to 60 liters capacity that can absorb up to 100 grams of carbon dioxide per month. The objective is to install two hundred structures that allow us to fix 120 thousand grams of oxygen in the first year ”, indicated María Martínez, manager of CoopeAgir.

The Rural Development Institute (Inder) supported them in the establishment of a greenhouse for the process with an investment of more than ₡ 2 million and they are working on the construction of a laboratory that will allow the initiative to be developed on a larger scale.

Cabuya cultural rescue. The use of the cabuya was a buoyant company in the fifties and sixties that was used for bags and ropes, among other products, but that disappeared with the arrival of plastic and other materials.

Today, a group of enterprising women, together with the only bearer of the tradition of the cabuya, Don Juan Camacho Leiva, eighty years old, rescue its use.

They make souvenirs, bags, souvenirs, textiles and countless items, by rescuing the process for the extraction and use of this natural product that does not pollute the environment, because over time it decomposes. This is the project “La cabuya Cuenta” developed by the Association of Artisan Women of La Cabuya, in El Guarco.

“Inder supported us with industrial equipment to process the product, such as a shredder, sublimated machine and a gas cooker to dye the products that we make and that we sell at farmer’s fairs and in our store. It was an investment of more than ₡ 4.5 million, which was very useful to us, “said Sonia Navarro, president and founder of the association in which 12 women participate.

Agricultural production by women. Another of the projects with female leadership in Cartago supported by Inder is the one carried out by 11 women organized in the Women Producing and Conserving Association (AMUPROYCO) of Oreamuno. They grow potatoes, onions, vegetables, and other agricultural products.

This organization was given a greenhouse by Inder to improve the working and production conditions of the initiative, with an investment of more than ₡ 2 million. This module constitutes an alternative to improve the quality of life of the beneficiary families. The second part includes the assignment of land to the Association. “This greenhouse will allow us to improve our products, have a more efficient control of the environment and pests. What we hope is to be able to increase our sales and expand our markets, ”said Flor María Mora, leader of the association that directly benefits 11 affiliates and their respective families.

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