Soccer one step closer to playing again. Teams may resume training under these measures.

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El The Minister of Sport, Hernán Solano Venegas, and the president of the Costa Rican Football Federation (Fedef Fútbol), Rodolfo Villalobos, announced this Thursday that the Sanitary Technical Guide is ready, which should be applied by national football clubs in training, to from May 1.

The information was released by both leaders, after detailing the agreements reached in the virtual meeting that they held for an hour and a half on Wednesday night to discuss and evaluate the document in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, members of the technical team of the government hierarchy and advisers and representatives of Fedef Fútbol participated in the meeting.

Solano and Villalobos explained that the guidelines are specific protocols developed by a group of medical specialists, which must be applied rigorously to reactivate the sector. The guide complies with the recommendations and the directive issued by the government authorities.

As part of Guideline No. 082-MP-S, once the proposal for a specific protocol has been generated and approved with a sector in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the sports hierarchy must immediately submit it to the Secretary of the Council Government for registration.

Among the sanitary measures that must be strictly taken into consideration are:

General. Each club is obliged to appoint at least 3 administrative managers for compliance with the measures established in this protocol in conjunction with the Club doctor.

Transport. Players, members of the technical staff or support personnel (props, masseurs, physical therapists or medical personnel) are prohibited from sharing the same means of transport (traveling in the same vehicle) when traveling from home to training sessions or vice versa.

Medical control. Players and members of the coaching staff must appear at least 30 minutes before each training session in order for the club doctor to conduct a brief interview and physical examination.

Dressing rooms. Immediately the last player is removed from the dressing room, it should be cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the incoming group of players find the dressing room in optimal conditions for use.

In the case of having 2 dressing rooms, group A uses dressing room 1. Group B uses dressing room 2.

No integrated work will be carried out between the two groups, which work completely separately. If the size of the dressing rooms does not guarantee a distance of 2 meters between the players, then two dressing rooms will be awarded to a single group of 7 players and only sessions with only one working group can be scheduled at a time.

Gyms. Fitness machines must be separated by at least 2 meters apart. In addition, there will be a person in charge of doing deep cleaning of each team every time an athlete finishes his training.

Hydration. It must be individually. Each bottle will have to be labeled with the name of each athlete.

Training. Maximum 60 minutes. A roster of up to 28 players is established.

For training on the court, group A uses one half of the court and group B the other half of the court (each half of the court is a rectangle of approximately 50 x 35 meters).

There cannot be crossings between players from different groups.

Media. Trainings are behind closed doors. The news for TV, radio and written media are generated through the press officer of each team.

Rodolfo Villalobos, president of the Fedef Fútbol, ​​indicated that a work team with common goals and the opening to start training has been formed. “We have a commitment and a responsibility that is compliance with the protocol, we are making a call from the Federation to apply these provisions to the letter,” he said.

He added that all teams have been asked for their commitment to comply with the measures, and if there are any difficulties, indicate what the solution would be in order to comply with the guidelines. “We will be pending and we will work together with all the teams so that we can very soon have better news for national football,” he said.

The Sports Minister, Hernán Solano Venegas, acknowledged the hard work of Fedef Fútbol in developing this protocol so that the actors in this discipline can comply with their training in compliance with the sanitary measures issued by the Ministry of Health.

“Teamwork and trust have been two fundamental elements in the process of developing these protocols, which are highly rigorous in order to avoid the spread of the virus in football,” said the Costa Rican sport’s governing body.

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