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Smiles Runway Smiles RunWay 2017 Paradise Products | Paradise Products Costa Rica

Smiles Runway Smiles RunWay 2017 Paradise Products

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On Thursday November the 30th. Paradise Products Costa Rica had the honour to sponsor the Smiles Runway 2017. In the very well known Club Unión in San José.

The Runway was a charity event. In benefit of FUNDESO. A foundation that helps women with breast cancer. During and after their treatment. Providing them with help groups, preventive talks, education and full rehabilitation programs. For women that had suffer this illness.


The ticket had  a cost of 7.500 colones. The profit went directly to Fundeso. On behalf of all of those involved in Paradise Products Costa Rica. We want to thank sincerely of those brave women we met. And their relatives that helped them to face their cancer. For us it was a pleasure and a honour to see you parade with our products. Glancing your already outstanding beauty.

And also thanks to the organizers for taking us into account for this event.




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