Situation Covid-19 Costa Rica April 3. 11 Recovered, 23 Internships, Total 416 Cases.

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The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, called the population’s attention to the worrying increase in the number of hospitalized and people in intensive care. To date, 23 hospitalized patients are registered, 13 of them in intensive care.

“Beyond the number of confirmed that we report every day, what should concern us is the number of patients who require hospitalization. This is worrying and we all have to assume our degree of responsibility, individual effort is decisive in caring for our neighbor, ”the minister reaffirmed.

The hierarchy of health indicated that the guidelines for the surveillance of the disease are constantly updated, as knowledge of it advances, and in this line, since yesterday, those patients who have loss of smell have been included as candidates for the test. Therefore, both those who have lost their sense of smell and those who have respiratory symptoms, the Minister of Health indicated that the use of masks is recommended to avoid contagion to others.

In accordance with the improvement in the processes, the minister reiterated to people that, if they have not been provided with the information on the results of the COVID-19 test after 48 hours, they can write to the Health Services Audit to propose the corresponding request

The health Minister reported that the 14 units and 4 sentinel surveillance hospitals that exist throughout the country and that are constantly monitoring respiratory viruses are now incorporating into this sentinel surveillance the diagnosis COVID-19, carrying out about 210 tests per week .

On the COVID-19 data as of April 3, the Minister reported that there are 416 COVID-19 positive people, with an age range between one year and 87 years. There are 201 women and 215 men, of which 385 Costa Ricans and 31 foreigners.

Positive cases are registered in 54 cantons of the seven provinces. By age there are: 373 adults, 27 older adults and 16 minors. 4044 people have been discarded, 11 people are recorded as recovered and two unfortunate deaths are recorded.

23 people positive for COVID-19 are hospitalized, 13 of them in intensive care, the latter aged between 24 and 69 years.

Finally, the health authorities took the opportunity to reiterate that the Easter restriction that begins today at 5:00 p.m. It does not apply to people who go to work and check it.

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