Silbidos del Bosque. Una obra con Títeres apta para un público sordo.

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A red bird comes to the forest; its neighbors admire its beautiful plumage and beautiful singing, but they dislike its arrogant behavior a little. One day the bird lays a…egg suddenly, the birth of an unusual little bird changes the nest, the school, the community and even the red bird.

“Silbidos en el bosque” (Whistles in the Forest), the theatrical proposal premiered this weekend by the La Bicicleta Company, at the Teatro Auditorio Casa Nega, San Pedro.

It is a silent spectacle accessible to the deaf audience and listeners, sharing the magic of a theatrical show that develops a funny, beautiful and tender story.

We are the uncles of an oralized deaf girl, and then, for several years. We had the idea of developing some montage that would be appropriate for her. Precisely because not all deaf people are equal, not all can communicate by Lesco; “Then, we put forward a proposal accessible to all. That is, it can be appreciated by all people, whether deaf or not,” said Kembly Aguilar, director of La Bicicleta Company.

Aguilar explained that the development of his previous silent montage, “Nana Raíz”, aimed at boys and girls from the age of 6 months, allowed them to explore new knowledge and apply those learning in this new theatrical proposal.

In “Silbidos en el Bosque”, actors and puppets coexist. With other mechanisms that allow them such mobility that the characters seem to come to life. “The construction and design of the puppets, we take it to another level. Which is why it is a very interesting proposal to observe; it is very rich visually,” Aguilar said.

This show benefited from the National Programme for the Development of Performing Arts (Proartes) of the Melico Salazar Popular Theatre. This allowed us to elaborate a proposal with certain more detailed creative features. To devote more time to research, to testing, and of course, to staging in the form and format planned. The audience will be able to appreciate a theatrical play with a very rich stage proposal, which would not have been possible to finance from our own pocket. This is a medium-format show, which, if not for Proartes, would have been in a very small format, according to Aguilar. The project is also supported by the National Council of Persons with Disabilities, Deaf with You and UNIMA Costa Rica.

Enjoy Whistles in the Forest from 2 to 17 November 2019, on Saturdays and Sundays, at 2 p.m., at Teatro Auditorio Casa Nega, in San Pedro de Montes de Oca. General entrance 6,000 colones; students and citizens of gold, 5,000 colones. The assembly lasts approximately 60 minutes. More information on the

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