Tubin at Río Celeste

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Tubing In Rio Celeste.

Minimum 2 people Maximum 45

Distance (Km)
Start date
End date

Enjoy a unique ride trough the waters of Rio Celeste.

What are we going to do?

  • We are going to enjoy 3 kilometers ride through the waters of Rio Celeste.
  • Beginning at Villa Celeste Katira.
  • At all times we are going to be follow by at least two people of our personnel.
  • The ride includes 5 to 8 rapids and 6 lagoons or pools where the people can relax and enjoy the unique scenery and beauty of Rio Celeste.
  • The estimated duration is of one to one and a half hour. Might vary depending of the current and the path taken by the tubs.
  • Life Insurance Policy Number 0206RCG000020700 from Instituto Nacional de Seguro


  • We will only ride if the river is in the proper conditions to do the tubing. If a cancellation is needed money will be send back.
  • Minimum age to do the activity is 12 years old.
  • No pregnant women above 2 months of gestation.
  • No recently surgery patients.
  • We provided the protection gear. Wearing it is mandatory and not doing so means the cancelation of the activity for set person. (Lifevest and helmet)

Other info.

Activity start with minimum 2 people. We will pick you up and return you to Villa Celeste Katira once the activity ends.


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