Coffee and Trapiche Tour at Finca Doña Rosa by Paradise Products Costa Rica

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Coffee and Trapiche tour just 1 hour away from San José. Read the detail information below

Download PDF with detailed info

About the tour

What are we going to do:

-Cost of each visit per person $ 25 or group costs $ 35
-Capable of receiving up to 10 people each time
-Visit the farm and interact with animals: Horses, goats, chickens, etc.
-Free to spend as much time as you like on the farm and enjoy the surroundings.

Coffee Tour

-We start with the coffee tour where you will learn everything about growing coffee.
-Learn more about the coffee process on the farm
Visit the plantation.
Harvesting process
-Visitors will choose coffee (if available in season) and learn more about the history, process and tastes of coffee. The visit includes a tasting of different types of coffee depending on the courses and the levels of roasting.

Le déjeuner y compris, si le public le souhaite.

Trapiche Tour

-Then we will head to Trapiche and the cultivation of sugar cane products in Costa Rica.
-Learn more about the sugarcane process on the farm.
-Visit the plantation.
-Learn about the sugar cane process
Visit the plantation
The cutting.
Grind it
The cooking
-Taste the cane during the different stages of the process.
-Products and by-products
-Free time to walk around the farm.

Estimated duration: 3 hours.

About the place

Visit Finca Integral Doña Rosa, a blue flag farm in Puriscal, Costa Rica. Only 1 hour from the capital San José. In the farm you will receive a detailed explanation of the history, process and traditions associated with coffee in Costa Rica. Our farm is autonomous, which means that all the processes related to the growth, maintenance and harvesting of products on the farm take place on the farm.

This coffee tour includes a typical Costa Rican lunch / meal

How to get there:


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