Shark will cease to be an exploitable species in Costa Rica.

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The First Chamber repealed the decree of the previous administration (Solís Rivera) that defined sharks in Costa Rican waters as exploitable species that was issued on April 28, 2017. This ruling guarantees the protection of the Costa Rican shark species, commonly married by their fins and sometimes marketed as “Pez Bolillo”

Through resolution 2020-002005, the First Chamber declared a cassation appeal filed by Fundación MarViva against Executive Decree No. 40379-MINAE-MAG.

The decree established a reform to the regulation of the administrative authority and scientific authorities of the International Convention for Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), an international treaty ratified by Costa Rica, whose objective is to regulate international trade in threatened wild animals and plants.

This decision excluded the possibilities of participation from the environmental, academic and civil society sectors, thus reducing the opportunity to weigh the requests of the sector with scientific and conservation criteria.

The resolution of the First Chamber orders the nullity of said decree, as well as of all related acts and actions derived from said reform, such as the list of species of fishing interest prepared by Incopesca based on the CITES appendices, and the opinions non-detrimental extraction (DENP), issued during the period of validity of the decree.

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