Sergio Delgado Rodríguez receives National Music Award 2019

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Paying tribute to the great Costa Rican poet Jorge Debravo, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the poetry book “Open Miracle” (1959), was the reason why Sergio Delgado Rodríguez composed the work “Nocturnos a Debravo” (Chamber Poem), winner of the National Composition Music Award 2019.

“The idea of composing this piece came about because of the need to transform Jorge Debravo’s poetry into music, and pay homage to his genius. I have felt extremely identified with this poet for his artistic creation from an early age, and that he also shows his own voice within the cultural context of his time, ”said Delgado who stands out as a piano teacher, theory and musical language of the National System of Music (Sinem) by Oreamuno de Cartago since 2016.

The work was composed between December 2018 and January 2019 and commissioned and premiered by the Heredia Symphony Orchestra at the First 2019 Season Concert at the National Theater of Costa Rica, under the baton of the Spanish Joan Pagès Valls.

According to the minutes, the jury chose Delgado for the following reasons:

1) The ensemble promotes a novel orchestration from an unconventional and recurring instrumental combinatorial.

2) The harmonic and formal elements of the composition lead to the elaboration of a mystical and visceral atmosphere as enunciated by the poetry of the honored Turrialbeño poet Jorge Debravo.

3) A great strength of this composition consists of the timbres and sonorities achieved, with a round and effective closure.

According to Delgado, when he received the news that he had been the winner of this award, his first reaction was: “I felt a lump in my throat of emotion and happiness for receiving this recognition. For a moment I could not believe it until I saw the official information, and since then I have not stopped receiving messages and calls with nice gestures of support and affection. Without a doubt, it has been one of the most memorable moments of my life. ”

About the work: “Impromptus a Revueltas” for Bass Clarinet and String Quartet (2018)

The rating committee also highlighted the second work presented by Maestro Delgado, entitled “Impromptus a Revueltas”, which according to the minutes “is distinguished as the first Latin American work written for bass clarinet and string quartet.”


“Undoubtedly, improvisation has been one of the most important elements in the development of an artistic discourse, as this allows the thematic material proposed by its author to be exploited to the fullest. The case of some composers can also be evidenced in terms of the richness of instrumental color and harmonic exploration in their works, as was the Mexican Silvestre Revueltas (1899-1940) who has a very particular and highly distinguished style among his contemporaries. Without the intention of imitating the complex style of Revueltas, these impromptus intend to pay tribute to their genius and the great value of their creation in Latin American academic music, ”explained Delgado about this work.

Biography of the clarinetist, composer and teacher Sergio Delgado

He has worked as a main clarinetist and in a row at the Heredia Symphony Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Costa Rica, as well as a member of different chamber groups, performing in the most important stages of the country.

As a composer, his extensive catalog of orchestral and chamber works has been premiered and performed by soloists and professional ensembles in Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Italy, Uruguay, Panama, Cuba, United States, Colombia, Spain, among others.

Delgado is also a professor of clarinet and music theory at the School of Music of Paraíso de Cartago with the Ministry of Public Education and, piano, theory and music teacher of the National System of Musical Education, Oreamuno headquarters, Carthage of the Ministry of Culture and Youth .

He has completed his training in the field of musical composition with maestro Benjamín Gutiérrez, and with Alejandro Cardona at the Latin American Workshop on Musical Composition at the National University, as well as at the School of Musical Arts of the University of Costa Rica.

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