September from 1 to 9 will be to measure the long-awaited opening

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After 6 months of closure and restrictions on movements and commercial openings, September will bring the long-awaited and needed economic reopening.

  • From August 31 to September 8, a transition closure phase will be applied towards a model of controlled reopening and joint responsibility with municipalities, private sector and communities.
  • During those 9 days, restriction measures are established in the opening of establishments.
  • The closure of all establishments with a health permit for the operation of customer service in cantons in orange alert is established, except for the list of exceptions that includes supermarkets, hardware stores, home service, vehicle repair, shops, restaurants, beauty salons , among others.
  • The operation of individual sports is authorized, outdoors or in closed spaces, without public; contact sports for the training of the highly competitive Men’s and Women’s National Teams; and competitions in the high performance or professional category, behind closed doors and without an audience; and contact sports for individual training without contact or physical approach; all according to the list authorized by the Minister of Sport.
  • Vehicle Restriction will be one nationwide.
  • The hotels will be able to operate throughout the country with a capacity of 100%. In the common areas of these hotels (restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, among others) a capacity of 50% must be maintained.
  • All the country’s beaches are open from Monday to Sunday until 2:30 p.m.
  • The cantons on yellow alert will continue with the process of reopening establishments.

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