Second batch of new trains is already in the country!

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This Monday, the BBC Campana ship from China arrived in Puerto Caldera, carrying the second batch of four new trains, acquired from the CRRC Quingdao Sifang Co.

The landing process began around 1:00 p.m.. From the night of this same Monday, the transfer of each of the DMU units to the INCOFER facilities in San José will begin; logistics that will cover the entire week during nighttime hours.

The Executive President of INCOFER, Elizabeth Briceño, and the technical team of that institution received the equipment at the Port, as well as the personnel of the Chinese company CRRC Quingdao Sifang Co, in order to comply with the protocols for the revision and disembarkation of the equipment, in accordance with the safety regulations of the Port Society.

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, and the First Lady, Claudia Dobles, were also present during the landing process.

Elizabeth Briceño, executive president of INCOFER, said that with the arrival of this second batch, the deliveries of the new trains for the modernization of the railway system in Costa Rica have been completed.

“This project includes, in addition to the trains, training, civil works in the workshops, improvements in stations and platforms, and a series of interventions on the railway track that have been carried out since 2018 and that continue into 2021, in order to have the optimum conditions for the operation of these trains,” explained the Minister.

Highlighting that this investment is the largest in railway equipment in the last 40 years, President Alvarado said that these trains are on their way to efficient, modern and sustainable public transport for the benefit of users.

“This is a process of railway modernisation, which will improve people’s quality of life, as well as experience, by increasing the capacity of the services offered by INCOFER”, said the President.

Meanwhile, the First Lady, Claudia Dobles, commented that “with these new trains, INCOFER continues to improve the current service for thousands of users who use the train daily to reach their workplaces, study centres and service points. This is one more action within the framework of the modernisation of public transport”.

The transfer of the trains to San José will begin once all the departure protocols have been complied with by the Port Society, it will be done on special platforms to transport heavy equipment contracted by INCOFER and thanks to an inter-institutional cooperation effort with the Public Force and the Traffic Police.

Characteristics. Each of these trains has a length of 38 m, German high-tech engines, which pollute 90% less than current trains, and a capacity of 372 passengers, air conditioning, preferential seating and space for two wheelchairs per unit.

In addition, they have a passenger information system that includes data display via LED screens and audible warnings, as well as double polycarbonate and glass windows for greater impact resistance.

CRRC Quingdao Sifang Co. Ltd. manufactured the trains according to the technical specifications defined by INCOFER in the international contracting process. The purchase also includes the workshop equipment, maintenance, training, after sales service and spare parts.

The first batch of trains arrived in the country on December 16 and the equipment is in INCOFER’s workshops where the driving, maintenance and Operations Management staff are being trained in its use and operation.

INCOFER estimates that these eight train units will be in operation at GAM in the first four months of 2021, after having complied with the strict protocols for reviewing and testing the units, which ensure the safety of future users.

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