School year will not return to face-to-face classes. Part of the 2021 course will be online as well.

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The Minister of Education, Guiselle Cruz Maduro, announced this Thursday at a press conference, the no return to face-to-face classes during 2020. This decision, far from signifying the conclusion of the school year, points to the continued strengthening of the educational service to distance, until December 23.

“We have reached the majority of the student population with the educational service, and teachers have responsibly assumed distance education as the new modality; however, the health conditions are not present, at least in the short term. That is why we have decided, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas and I, with the guidance of the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, not to return to the presence during 2020, “said the Hierarch.

According to the 2020 school calendar, this school year runs from February 10 to December 23. Faced with the change in the distance modality to give continuity to the learning process of the students from their homes, as a measure to contain the contagion by COVID – 19, the need to semester the school year was presented. For this reason, August 17 marked the beginning of the second semester that will run until December 23.

In order to ensure equity and the right to food of the student population, the MEP, under the leadership of the Administrative Vice Ministry, will continue with the delivery of food packages to primary and secondary students in the country, which began in the past March 23, in compliance with the nutritional guidelines given by the Directorate of Equity Programs of the MEP and the “Protocol for the distribution of food in educational centers as a result of the national emergency due to COVID -19.”

Regarding the educational service, which has been provided remotely since March 18, efforts will continue to improve educational intervention in different settings and with complementary inter-institutional coordination actions.

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