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[:en]Great news. The Watershed of Savegre’s River a natural reservoir of 312.914 hectares. Has been declared a World Biosphere. With Savegre Costa Rica has now four areas regarded as biospheres. This is however the first that has both land and maritime extensions. Under this declaration Costa Rica is responsible to keep the exceptional  characteristics that make of  Savagre a unique reservoir of flora and Fauna.

Here the info as written in UNESCO’s webiste.

Savegre biosphere reserve is located on the Central Pacific in Costa Rica, 190 km from the capital, San José. It counts with a rich biodiversity, and is home to 20% of the country’s total flora, 54% of its mammals and 59% of its birds. Nearly 50,000 people live in the biosphere reserve. The main productive activities are agriculture and livestock. Crop production is significant in areas with higher altitudes, and includes plantations of apple, plum, pomegranate, blackberry, strawberry and avocado. Ecotourism has increased significantly during recent years, and has become a source of socio-economic growth in the region.

Designation Date: 2017
Administrative Authorities:
Surface area (terrestrial and marine): 312,914.32 ha
Core area(s): 32,417.65 ha (terrestrial: 6,544.24 ha; marine: 25,873.41 ha)
Buffer area(s):  199,306.63 ha (terrestrial: 75,679.37 ha; marine: 123,614.61 ha; island: 12.65 ha)
Transition area(s): 81,190.04 ha

Midpoint: 09°22ʹ01.2ʺ N – 84°58ʹ37.9ʺ O


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