[:en]We are delighted to announce that we have new products on our website. Now you can not only buy our beautiful Jewelry but also 100% Hand painted. Craft by Don Rolando Alvarado a consummated artist and painter from the cradle of the craftsmen in Costa Rica, Sarchi.

Don Rolando preserves the beautiful and unique tradition on decorating Ox Carts. For more than a century the OxCarts were the engine that move our country. They were use for everything. From moving people, families, work supplies, even the Saints during their days. And of course to transport coffee from the mountains to the shores for it to be exported.

World's Largest Oxen Cart. In Sarchi
World’s Largest Oxen Cart. Sarchi, Valverde Vega, Alajuela Costa Rica


Why do Costaricans did DO this to their Ox Carts? You may ask.
The reason is because we are people who love our job. We love to work the land, and we feel joy in doing so.  We feel tenderly about our tools, and work colleagues and that include our animals.
Story goes during the XIX century and the first part of the XX century. Many of the foreigners that travel central américa, were amaze by how the Ticos used to name their Oxen and call them by their name. And when the lunch time arrived the “arriero” First serve his dog if one were to be with him, then his oxen and finally he would sit to eat.

Oh and don’t believe that the painted Carts were the especial ones, and not the ones destine to work the fields. Most of them were decorated and it was the proud of its owner to arrive to a town, city or port bluffing about his Oxen, his dog, his coffee, and of course his Cart.

Now that the Ox Cart is not as useful as it was in the past, the tradition of painting and decorate Ox Carts refuses to fade away. Artist as Don Rolando keep this beautiful and colorful “colochos” alive. Now in Umbrellas, Wheels, paintings, hats, and others. Please go around our shop either visiting the main shop of by using the Category Sarchi to find and buy a beautiful AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL UMBRELLA  AND MORE and be the envy of all your friends.

Take a look at some of the things Don Rolado does.

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Yes yes you can use it and cover yourself in the pouring rain. It’s water proof paint. It’s all good


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