Sara-piquí and Paradise Costa Rica bring gourmet wood-fired products to your doorstep.

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Recently, a unique selection of new Gourment products entered our online shop. We are talking about the preserves, chilli and jams of Artesanales Sara-Piquí.

Artesanales Sara-piquí is a Costa Rican enterprise, from where else but the canton of Sarapiquí of course. It is a family business and enterprise dedicated to the elaboration of chillies, jams, preserves and other products of the highest quality that guarantee a gourmet experience to its diners.

In Paradise, as a responsible company, we decided to test the products of Artesanales Sara-piquí and we are pleased to tell you that…


We have to tell you that the jams are delicious, just right. Sweetened more with the sugar from the fruit than with other sweeteners. And never saturated with processed cane sugar, which makes them far healthier than supermarket brands.

Also note that the fruits and combinations used are quite unique and are not the typical jams that are repeated ad nauseam. With flavours such as Jocote, Pitaya, Papaya-Mango, Pineapple, Pineapple-Papaya or Jackfruit-Carambola. They promise to give many a new experience in the consumption of these sweet sins.

Oh, and when you try them, you’ll also notice that delicious smoky flavour that only wood-fired country cooking can give!

The taste of the jams is definitely balanced. Made to be enjoyed on its own and to be left in the limelight with every bite. Ideal to replenish your energy with your afternoon coffee.

Our recommendation, after devouring the Pineapple, Pitaya and Jocote. It is to accompany them with a good medium or dark roast coffee, together with a simple bread or the typical cracker or soda biscuit. (even if you have one of those crackers with little salt) to bring out the flavour.

A good coffee will raise the temperature of our palate which intensifies the perception of flavours and adequate amounts of salt will enhance sweet and bitter tastes.

Pickles, Chillies and Chileras.

For lovers of spicy food Artesanales Sara-piquí also offers a magnificent collection of pickles, chillies and hot sauces. Products as delicious and varied as Escabeches, traditional Chileras, Palmito con Chile, Corazones de Palmito and their unmissable hot sauces, ideal for those weekend barbecues with friends.

The blends are equally unique and exotic with products such as: La Salsa Picante La Receta de la Patrona a delicious sweet and sour Pitaya sauce with Chile.

La Receta del Patrona por Artesanales Sara-piqui

What about Chile?

Chilli is an acquired taste and Artesanales Sara-Piquí makes sure that we acquire it quickly. The chilli used is the dreaded Scorpion chilli, the second hottest chilli in the world. But this is no reason to panic. Sara-Piquí knows how to dose it to make it part of an experience made to awaken the palate as a residual sensation in its mild and medium sauces and chileras.

BUT…. for those who like to eat meals that return the bite Artesanales Sara-piquí and Paradise Costa Rica offer the option to regulate the amount of chilli in the chilli sauces and salsas. Because we know that true chilli lovers enjoy a good challenge as much as a good chilli we offer you the possibility to choose how hot you want it.

All that remains is to invite you to try these delicious products that we know will become regulars on your tables. Whether you are lovers of good jams or intrepid foodies in search of challenging gourmet flavours that will enliven your palate. Artesanales Sara-piquí has something for you.

Check out our food section for more of our delicious products, made in Costa Rica by people like you!

Remember that we ship to all of Costa Rica and the whole planet as well.


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