San Ramón de Alajuela Celebrates the 120th anniversary of the birth of Emma Gamboa.

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120 years after the birth of Emma Gamboa Alvarado (1901-1976), the canton of San Ramón is preparing to carry out a series of activities during 2021, as a tribute to one of the most recognized Ramonenses women, in order to value and make visible the contributions of this educator to local and national life.

The Regional Directorate of Education of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), the José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center, the Ramón Echaverría Mesén Public Library, of the National Library System, and the Regional Museum of San Ramón, join forces to create an agenda of activities that began in the previous April and will run until October 2021.

“Commemorating the legacy of those who came before us is a fundamental part of the cultural and educational work of institutions, organizations and movements. Honoring their memory is recognizing part of the present, and allowing ourselves to be inspired for the future. Emma Gamboa Alvarado is a source of Ramonense and national pride, because her mark is profound, mainly in the educational field and the fight for rights. For this reason, this articulated agenda, in addition to enhancing the efforts of the parties involved and the whole, enhances the capacity for educational and community resonance, especially at times when sources of inspiration for reflection and hope are necessary. Finally, recognizing the significant contribution of women in the integral development of the towns is fair, necessary and pertinent ”, highlighted Hugo Pineda Villegas, director of the José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center (CCHJFF).

The union of these four institutions will strengthen the identity and local heritage through the visualization of a figure of great importance for the development of Costa Rican education. Bryan Villalobos Palma, Spanish Advisor to the Regional Directorate of Education of the MEP, assured that “despite his extensive experience in all levels of education, the setting for his productivity was undoubtedly the school. Her work was devoted to teaching and the classroom, from the preschool teacher, elementary school, high school and even the university, where she impressed both for her scientific rigor and for the subtlety of her teaching heart. She created comprehensive models of encouragement that facilitated the harmonious development of the child. Her performance consistent with the ideas that she proclaimed in pedagogical matters, in which she promoted comprehensive and democratic education based on national values, earned her the respect of the national and international community ”.

Teacher, activist and fighter.

Emma Gamboa Alvarado was born in San Ramón, on October 17, 1901. According to Brayan Villalobos “the contribution of the development of the ‘new school’ concept, founded by Emma Gamboa, bore fruit… An important aspect to emphasize is the concept of ‘integral education’, in which the teacher must achieve the union of the scientific sphere with the spiritual one, with the purpose that the students are fully developed individuals, capable of learning from all social experiences. “

Gamboa Alvarado was declared Meritorious of the Homeland, in Legislative Agreement No. 1999 of May 27, 1980. She has been one of the most influential women in national history.

She was a teacher, suffragette, and social fighter. She was at the forefront of the struggles for social reforms during the 1940s and led the women’s suffrage struggles as a member of the group “Las Damas del 2 de Agosto”.

She was dean and founder of the Faculty of Education at the University of Costa Rica and Minister of Education (1949-1953).

Activities within the framework of the birth of Emma Gamboa Alvarado

The activities to be carried out will be free and open to the general public. Aspects of interest such as the modality and the quotas are subject to the provisions of the Ministry of Health for the health emergency due to Covid-19.

Expo itinerante “San Ramón su gente y aportes al desarrollo nacional”

Campaña comunicación “Vida y obra de Emma Gamboa Alvarado”

  • Lugar: perfil de Facebook de instituciones participantes
  • Fecha: Abril a octubre 2021, el día 17 de cada mes
  • Horario: 11 a.m.
  • Información de contacto:

Exposición de material documental autoría de Emma Gamboa Alvarado

  • Lugar: Biblioteca Pública de San Ramón
  • Fecha: Abierta actualmente; cierra el 23 de abril
  • Horario: De lunes a viernes, de 8 a.m. a 4 p.m.
  • Modalidad: presencial
  • Cupo: grupos de máximo 10 personas
  • Información de contacto: 2445-5126 /

Conversatorio: “Experiencias exitosas a partir de la mediación pedagógica de textos escritos por Emma Gamboa Alvarado”.

  • Lectura: “Romance de pajarillos”
  • Participación de niñez de las Escuelas Macario Valverde y Jorge Washington
  • Lugar: Biblioteca Pública de San Ramón
  • Fecha: 29 de abril
  • Horario: 1:30 p.m.
  • Modalidad: mixta (presencial / virtual).
  • Cupo: 30 personas presencial
  • Información de contacto: 2445-5126 /

Guía didáctica sobre Emma Gamboa con material digital

  • Vídeos, audios y descargables) para docentes y padres de familia. “Emma Gamboa en la memoria del colectivo ramonense y nacional”.
  • Lugar: páginas de Facebook e Instagram Museo Regional de San Ramón.
  • Fecha: 13 de octubre
  • Hora: 10 a.m.
  • Modalidad: virtual
  • Información de contacto:

Develación del Nombre de Emma Gamboa Alvarado en Sala Infantil de la Biblioteca Pública de San Ramón

  • Lugar: Biblioteca Pública de San Ramón
  • Fecha: 15 de octubre
  • Hora: 10 a.m.
  • Modalidad: presencial
  • Cupo: 20 personas
  • Información de contacto: 2445-5126/


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