San Juan de Dios will do 800 surgeries per month after relaxation of measures by Covid19.

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San Juan de Dios reactivated elective surgeries starting this Monday, March 1, with the goal of performing 800 surgeries per month, an average of 40 daily in ordinary hours, reported the general director, Dr. Ileana Balmaceda Arias. The more complex procedures will be performed in the hospital and outpatient centers at the Puriscal CAIS.

This initiative is part of the action plan of this medical center after Medical Management advanced with the gradual reduction of covid-19 beds, the CCSS is taking advantage of this transitory moment that the country presents a drop in new cases to reactivate non-covid services , within which surgeries stand out.

The thirteen surgical specialties of San Juan de Dios will call patients based on clinical information. Dr. Ileana Balmaceda Arias explained that in December 2020 the hospital had the maximum occupancy for the care of covid patients -19 with 118 beds, at this time the hospital has 31 beds enabled for people affected by SARS-CoV-2, This makes it possible to allocate spaces for surgery and reactivate the surgical program, in addition to this, more than 85% of the employees are vaccinated, which generates greater security in the personnel.

“During the pandemic, we performed an average of 550 surgeries per month, only in the central rooms and during ordinary hours, with this plan we will perform 250 more,” explained the director.

Based on data from the San Juan de Dios Operating Room coordination, between March and December 2020 this hospital performed 9556 surgeries in total (taking into account all internal, external and gynecology operating rooms, and in all shifts) between emergencies, priority and oncological, of these 1126 were cancer patients. Another important piece of information is that 80% of the procedures were highly complex and 20% were ambulatory.

Of the 15 operating rooms that San Juan de Dios has, 11 will be used to reactivate the surgical program, the remaining four are available for cases of covid-19 or indeterminate patients (it is not yet known if they are positive for SARS-CoV-2 – this It happens for example in emergency surgeries) to whom surgery or a cesarean section or childbirth must be performed.
“We distribute the operating rooms taking into account the demand for surgical procedures that each specialty has, in this case the ones with the greatest demand are Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, General Surgery and Urology, these services will have more rooms per week” explained the doctor Zamora Castellanos.


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