San Juan de Dios strengthens measures to protect vulnerable patients

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Given the situation that the country is experiencing due to COVID-19, the general management of the San Juan de Dios hospital took extreme measures to protect users who visit that health center and hospitalized patients.

As explained by Dr. Ileana Balmaceda Arias, general director of that medical center, it is necessary to reduce the number of people in the hospital, so that admission will be restricted, surgeries will be suspended and actions will be taken for doctors to make indirect consultations by telephone; The hospital will work on a pilot plan with the Hematology Service, and if necessary will expand it to other specialties.

Indirect telephone medical consultation

Dr. María Rodríguez Sevilla, head of the Hematology service explained that the doctors will communicate by telephone with the patients the day before the date of the appointment, the objective is to carry out indirect consultation with patients who are stable and have scheduled appointments for follow-up these days, post-treatment patients and those who require medication adjustments, so they do not have to visit the hospital.

Hematology patients are requested to be attentive to the hospital call.

Accompaniment restriction

On the other hand, patients who have appointments in Outpatient Consultation or in some support service such as X-rays, Nuclear Medicine, Laboratory, among others, can only be accompanied by one person, and they are also asked not to bring children to the hospital.

If the user has a chronic illness and is not sure of attending the appointment, they should call 2547-8655; You will be attended by a doctor who will guide you, in what you must do to avoid missing the appointment and especially so that you have your medications.

In the Chemotherapy and Hemodialysis room where patients receive treatment, the entrance of companions will not be allowed, they must be in the waiting room and not inside the unit

Visitor restriction

At the time of the visit throughout the hospital, only one person per patient will be allowed both in hospitalization and in Emergencies.
  General visit from Monday to Sunday from 4:30 p.m. at 5:30 p.m.
  Visit emergencies from Monday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. at 7:00 p.m. .

Suspension of surgeries

As explained by Dr. Ileana Balmaceda Arias, general director of San Juan de Dios, elective, outpatient surgery and production days are suspended, the hospital at the moment will only perform emergency and oncological surgery.

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