San Juan de Dios isolates 16 officials after a woman reported after a cesarean that her husband was positive for covid19

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A woman treated on Wednesday, July 1, for a cesarean section at the San Juan de Dios hospital, later reported that her husband was positive for covid-19, which is why 16 officials at the medical center were sent to home isolation, the doctor reported. Ileana Balmaceda Arias, director of the hospital.

Balmaceda Arias was emphatic in the call to the responsibility that users should have to inform their admission to medical centers if there is a person in their family with a health order for covid-19 or if they have been in contact with people confirmed or suspected by this sickness.

“Hiding this information puts health personnel and other patients at risk of contagion,” reiterated the CEO.

In this case, the mother arrived at the medical center accompanied by her husband, who has a health order for covid-19. In the emergency patient classification area, she denied having possible covid-19 contact; Subsequently, in obstetrics medical evaluation, she was again asked if she had any link associated with covid-19 and again denied this situation.

Actions at the medical center

The medical center activated the infection control protocol at night after learning information that the mother commented in the room where she remained. At the same time, she and her baby were tested.

Hours later it was known that the mother is positive and the baby negative.

Dr. Joaquín Bustillos Villavicencio, head of the Obstetrics service and expert in the approach to deliveries covid-19, reported that the mother is asymptomatic and without any complications.

She added that mother and baby are in the covid-19 isolation zone, her baby with a mask and she remains in a surgical mask and applies hygiene measures to feed him.

Two patients who shared a cubicle with her were also isolated and screened. The center also carried out cleaning and disinfection of the areas where delivery was attended and the room where it shared with other patients.

Health personnel involvement

In the investigation of contacts, 16 officials were identified so far: 8 OB / GYN doctors, 2 anesthetists and 6 nurses, who were screened and sent home with preventive isolation for 14 days, reported Dr. Guiselle Amador Ramírez, coordinator of the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the hospital.

This investigation began on Wednesday night and is ongoing, so it is not ruled out that other contacts are identified. While the OB / GYN service is being reorganized, we proceeded to replace it with staff who were teleworking.

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