San Juan de Dios and Calderón Guardia with new and modern physical therapy equipment.

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Les hôpitaux de San Juan de Dios et Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia ont acquis des vélos pour effectuer la kinésithérapie, ce sont des équipements spéciaux pour effectuer automatiquement une thérapie physique aux patients en soins intensifs avec peu ou pas de mobilité et sont conçus pour effectuer des exercices passifs et actifs du Les membres peuvent également être programmés en fonction des besoins de chaque personne.

Dr. Juan Ignacio Silesky, head of the Intensive Care Unit of the San Juan de Dios hospital, explained that with this new system they will be able to start physical therapy early on for patients hospitalized in intensive care, he also stressed that this work will reduce the consequences prolonged bedding, and thus increase the functional expectation of hospitalized patients.

“For three years ICU patients have received rehabilitation, now physical therapists with this resource will achieve more and better results,” said Silesky.

For her part, Dr. Beatriz Coto Solano, a physician specializing in Physiatry at the Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Hospital, indicated that early rehabilitation integrates the prevention and joint management of long-term functional consequences of a critical illness.

These devices can improve not only physical function but also contribute to the reduction of neuropsychological disorders and improve the quality of life of patients.

According to the doctors, the implementation of an early rehabilitation program reduces hospital stay, decreases mortality, reduces care costs and promotes successful community and labor reinvestment.

For the development of these sessions, an analysis is made by the work team that allows knowing the functional potential of each patient, since the teams admit to personalize each therapy according to the user’s needs and determine the goals of the therapy.

On the other hand, Dr. Severita Carrillo, chief physiatrist of the San Juan de Dios Cardiopulmonary and Oncological Rehabilitation program, explained that intensive care patients present sequels at the mental, cognitive and physical level, the latter highlighted what is known as “Muscular weakness of the bedridden patient”, where even the patient may require even relearning to walk, for example.

The physiatrist highlighted that by using this type of equipment it is possible to shorten the bed time and all that this implies, for each patient an evaluation and planning of the therapy is carried out during and after hospitalization.

The San Juan de Dios acquired seven teams and the Calderón Guardia two, are the first hospitals in the country to use this type of resource in intensive care patients. The equipment is made in Germany and each has a cost of $ 33,419.63.

Authorities of the Calderón Guardia hospital rescued this institutional effort that fosters alliances between medical centers for the acquisition of the latest technology equipment that seek more timely and appropriate care processes for each of the needs and pathologies that patients are facing.

They also recognized the work of professionals from various branches of the Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy services who are in constant training and search for processes to improve the health of the insured.

“These types of acquisitions give hope to delicate patients such as those treated in an Intensive Care Unit, interdisciplinary work is vital for a successful recovery,” said the hospital’s leaders.

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