Root Gallery

Don Arturo Solano is an inventor, artist and entrepreneur. All his life has been surrounded by trees and wood. But now he created unique works of art. And by unique we really do mean unique. There are not to products that look the same it just can not be.

His art and creations and better describe under the Japaneses philosophy of Wabi-Sabi art. That enhance the beauty of nature and imperfections as something worth of contemplation and admiration.  By buying one of his creations you are guaranteed to have a exception and unique work of art design by nature. And there are 2 main reasons that allow us to say this.

  1. The desing, the patterns and colours are all unique of every tree and root. It tells the story and life of that tree. The particularities of the soil it grew up, the minerals he feed upon, the winds it had to endure and more.
  2. He invented the machinery and the process to make its products. We do not recommend to try to replicate it results with regular tools. Because that has been tried before and the main result are missing fingers. Seriously for your safety don’t try this at home.

Something else. Don Arturo doesn’t cut trees for his creations, he buy and receive fallen trees or all roots. No tree is cut to by Don Arturo or because Don Arturo’s profit. In reality don Arturo give this trees a second life and a chance to spend that second life with you.



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