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[:en]To make an sculpture is a complicate process. The legend goes that one day Michael Angelo was ask by the Pope. How was possible for him to make the David out of a cold and death piece of stone? He said that it was easy. He only had to remove every piece that wasn’t the David out of the stone.

Cocobolo root. In don Arturo’s Galley

That is pressingly Don Arturo’s approach to his creations. He is an artist and an inventor from Alajuela. All his life has been surrounded by trees and woods. One day he decided to cut open a root that was laying on his backyard. When the two pieces fell apart he discover the colors, shapes and forms hidden in this part of tree. A part that so often gets discarded for both the industry and the artist. Upon seeing the beautiful colors and designs of this part of the tree often held secret and forgotten he decided to do something with it. And so he invented the machinery and the process  necessary to carve the roots.

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Each and every root is different, and tells the story of that given tree. The soil the seed land upon, the travel it had to make to found proteins, minerals and water, how windy, dry or wet the land was. This information and more remains in Don Arturo’s creations. The sculptures that come out of don Arturo’s Gallery fit Wabi-Sabi a japaness philosophy. The artist Leonard Koren defines as.

The beauty of thins imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a Beauty of things modest and humble. It is a Beauty of thins unconventional.
Richard Martin. Wabi-Sabi. November 2007


All of this means that there are never EVER two pieces that look the same. Each and every piece is mold and desing by nature, during decades. Buy purchasing one of don Arturo’s creations. You are purchasing a unique piece, impossible to replicate. It is also important to say that no living trees are harvest or cut use to make this sculptures. Don Arturo only uses fallen trees. And by shaping them into bowls, flowerpots, and sculptures as he says. He is giving them the opportunity of a second life.


You can buy Arturo’s creations here  and here

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