Rincón de La Vieja volcano with strong volcanic activity.

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The Municipal Emergency Committees surrounding the Rincón de Vieja volcano were activated after the colossus registered a moderate eruption on Sunday at 10:16 am, which caused a 1,500 meter high column on the top and the expulsion of gases, mud, ash and hot lake materials.

The geologist of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Attention to Emergencies (CNE), Blas Sánchez, indicated that the materials released are spilled by the rivers that originate in the upper part of the volcano, observing the decrease in mud flows or lahars towards the channels of the north face where the Pénjamo, Azul and Quebrada Azufrada rivers are located.

The geologist explained that this decrease in materials is normal and does not represent a greater danger since the entrance to the channels remains restricted and they do not spill out of them.

He added that the CNE constantly coordinates the scientific technical entities of the OVSICORI of the National University and the National Seismological Network of the University of Costa Rica, maintaining permanent monitoring of the state of the volcano. “Once an eruption is registered, it is communicated to the Municipal Emergency Committee and to the Communal Committees of Gavilán and Buenos Aires,” he said.

“It is important that the residents report any eventuality and follow all the recommendations given by the CNE and the rescue entities so that they do not enter the river channels and stay away from them.

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