Reopening of borders and tourist flights scheduled for August 1.

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On June 26 at a press conference, the Costa Rican government authorities announced the long-awaited opening of borders for the arrival of commercial flights. The proposed date is August 1, the announcement comes amid an increase in record daily cases. However, the government recognizes the country’s dependence on the tourism sector.

More than 200,000 Costa Ricans depend directly on the Tourism sector and more than 1,000,000 see indirect benefits from it. With the closing of borders, Costa Rica has seen its main employment engine devastated, a sad characteristic that it shares with all the other countries in the world. The country has negotiated to join a safe travel bubble with other countries with low rates of Covid19 infection, such as New Zealand and Australia.

Today’s news adds to the appearance of Costa Rica in the list of countries to which the European Union could start receiving flights from July 1. Although such information has not been officially published.

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