RECOPE guarantees fuel supply

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In the face of the national emergency that the country is experiencing due to the Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic, RECOPE guarantees citizens the supply of the fuels that the national marking requires for its normal operation.

The distribution and sales terminals located in Moín, Limón; The Alto de Ochomogo in Cartago, La Garita, Alajuela; and Barranca, Puntarenas; They continue to operate normally in their usual hours and in addition to this RECOPE has sufficient inventory to face the crisis: 40 days for Plus 91 and Diesel gasoline, 35 days for Super Gasoline and 45 days for Jet A-1.

It should be noted that shipments with different products were recently received, which allow the company to guarantee supply for the next month and a half without any problem for the country.

At the same time, RECOPE will be implementing, starting tomorrow, a sanitary protocol for entering the sales and distribution terminals, which will be applied to people who transport fuels within the national territory and go to the Company’s terminals to load the products. .

The entrance to the billing areas will be done in a controlled way to avoid crowds in the different areas of the cargo yard and billing offices.

In the event that any of the carriers show symptoms of cold or flu, the use of masks will be mandatory. Each one must carry their personal safety implements to load the product. In addition, the protocol of sneezing and coughing will be respected, as well as greeting and hand washing.

From the beginning, RECOPE joined the efforts of the Government of the Republic to attend to the national emergency, fully complying with all the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

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