Recipe book brings the unique flavors of Quepos to the Cultural Heritage Center

A compilation of 186 recipes including main courses, mincemeat, ceviches, breads, desserts and drinks, is the recipe book that will be presented by the Center for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (CICPC), this Friday 29 November, at 3 p.m., in the Communal Hall of the Association of Integral Development of Quepos center.

This is the presentation of the book Cocina Tradicional Costarricense 9, canton of Quepos, Puntarenas. This publication is a reality thanks to the compilation of the 186 recipes participating in the Traditional Food and Beverage Contest “I am Quepos”, carried out by this institution attached to the Ministry of Culture and Youth in 2018.

Currently, the country has more than a thousand recipes among main dishes, breads, desserts and drinks, product of the registration made by the Cultural Heritage Center through the different contests of traditional cuisine ¹ said Paola Salazar, of the Intangible Heritage Unit.

He added that all recipes were provided by attendees as a requirement for participation. Each dish was presented for its respective evaluation by a qualifying jury, along with the written recipe and this material was published.

Every two years, since 2001, the Cultural Heritage Centre organizes this event in some region of the country. The last was in the canton of Quepos and included its three districts: Naranjito, Savegre and Quepos center. For this it was indispensable the support of a large group of associations of integral development, as well as of the municipality and La Cocina del Padre, space where the event took place in 2018.

The recipe book completes the project in Quepos, which, according to Salazar, consists of a preliminary record of one of the most memorable cultural events in Costa Ricans: traditional cuisine.

First the contest was organized and held, then 15 cash prizes were awarded to the winners -three prizes per category-, finally, the recipe book was published and, next Friday, the book will be presented and delivered to the community.

La imagen puede contener: comida e interior

This recipe book has as aim, preserve in written form the knowledge and popular knowledge related to the traditional food of Quepos, so that the current and future generations continue to elaborate and retransmit them and, at the same time, to return to the community the contribution that these recipes have given to the knowledge of the intangible cultural heritage, represented in what Costa Ricans eat, said Sonia Gómez, Heritage Center official in charge of the project.

What Gómez said is confirmed by Vanessa Valverde Cubillo, winner of the first place in the category of “Picadillos”. Valverde commented that he has been preparing for many years his delicious recipe of minced skunk leaves with potato, ground pork and panzada. This recipe, now printed on page 63 of the book, he learned from his grandmother.

Five months ago, God took her, but left me a good inheritance, said Valverde, thrilled when she won the contest. The tradition is that it is made to firewood, as our grandparents, also added about the preparation, which also includes some secrets of doña María Felícitas Vargas, Vanessa’s grandmother.

The publication was made possible with the support of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), which, together with the National Institute of Learning (INA), uses this collection of nine recipes to train culinary students for use in hotels and businesses in tourist areas of the country.


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