Publishing house “La Jirafa y Yo” and Paradise Products CR team up

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Books are doors of knowledge that open several possibilities to know the world, culture and to acquire new knowledge in general. For this reason, Paradise Products Costa Rica includes, in its product range, an editorial that has books that illustrate with words the Costa Rican culture, its flora, its fauna and its people.

From now on, our company established a great link with the publishing house “La Jirafa y Yo”, which:

It is an editorial specialized in the production of reading books for children and adolescents, for which it offers high quality materials, both in form and in the background, at reasonable prices. The publishing house is linked to the European School, in San Pablo de Heredia, in which the different publications are validated, and carries out pilot reading plans in different places. (Editorial la Jirafa y yo, 2020)

“La Jirafa y Yo” was born because of the lack of Costa Rican children’s texts. Therefore, currently, they have a variety of innovative and attractive tools for children, adolescents and young people. In addition, these books are extremely accessible for those who are in the process of learning Spanish. For this reason, being books made so that their understanding is not so difficult, foreigners who do not speak the language, can access the text easily.

Nowadays, the publisher has 8 collections, very varied, for all tastes:

From the “Historias Ilustradas” collection
  1. Balcón Abierto: It is proposed to broaden the world of young reading with works by Costa Rican and foreign authors who have traditionally written for adults. The offer opens with short adventure novels and science fiction stories that make the thematic transition between children and adolescents already infected with the beautiful virus of reading.
  2. Colección escolar: Seis Grados de Lectura, a collection of their own books for elementary school students.
  3. Entresijos: Hidden stories, nostalgia and memories of the seven provinces of Costa Rica. Colorful vignettes that reflect the lives of our people and peoples in search of well-being and progress over time.
  4. Historias ilustradas: We combine here the ingenuity of novel stories with images of great richness. Multicolored text and images conspire for the mental and visual enjoyment of young and old.
  5. Personajes: Illustrated profiles of the intense lives of heroes and heroines who have contributed to forging Costa Rica. Biographical walks that reveal the passion and character of our ancestors.
  6. Verso a verso: Illustrated poetry of great poets such as Rubén Darío and Federico García Lorca, captains of the right word to make us discover unknown interior territories. For children and adults, his poems are an antidote of purified language against blindness and oblivion.
  7. Zoorprendentes: The collection is an exquisite minimalism, as it groups “autobiographies” of very clever animals, which delight the fledgling readers or the youngest who still can’t read, with cute and entertaining illustrations. Account this collection with more than twenty titles to enjoy and learn about the curious behavior of the animal kingdom.
  8. Zoorprises: The animals of the Costa Rican tropics are very clever. They began to speak English along with Spanish to tell us how they are born and grow; what they eat and who eats them; and other secrets of their strange and wonderful lives, in a synthetic display of vitality and color.

The materials of the collections are developed with the collaboration of writers, editors and illustrators, accompanied by teachers with modern pedagogical criteria.

From the “Zoorprendentes y Zoorprises” collection

All books present a variety of aspects of Costa Rican living: our landscapes, our gastronomy, our fauna, among others. This is why Paradise Products CR made a selection of texts to be available in our web store. In this way, it will be easier and easier to access them.

On our website we will have the following collections available: Historias ilustradas, Verso a verso, Personajes, Balcón Abierto, Zoorprendentes y Zoorprises; so that our customers can always enjoy very good quality material.

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