Public Force will ensure that people do not go to the different beaches of the country

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The Public Force will remain vigilant, so that people do not go to the different beaches of the country. The foregoing, in light of the government’s announcement and the health order to completely close access to these, without any exception, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the past weekend, these procedures had already been carried out, both by members of the Public Force, the Tourist Police and the National Coast Guard, police forces attached to the Ministry of Public Security, in order to prevent access to the Beaches. Also, many municipalities made the decision to close them completely, so people were not kept in them.

In places where there was no restriction, the influx of tourists was minimal.

According to the director general of the Public Force, Commissioner Daniel Calderón, “they are looking for ways to cordon off to prevent the entry of people and a call is made to those who remain there to withdraw and go to their homes, it is a sanitary order and you have to comply ”.

The police authorities indicated that those who refuse these provisions are exposed to sanctions that could lead to criminal prosecution, so a call is made to the citizens to collaborate and facilitate the work that the police are developing.

Police patrols and tours will be maintained to ensure that this order is followed, and if necessary you can call 9-1-1

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